Leaked: BMW M6 Gran Coupe

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Ahead of its web debut, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe leaks on the interwebs. The photo comes courtesy of a Dutch dealership (via Autogespot) and …

Ahead of its web debut, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe leaks on the interwebs. The photo comes courtesy of a Dutch dealership (via Autogespot) and showcases the M6 Gran Coupe prototype inside a BMW factory.

The test mule sports M6-like side skirts, M ceramic brakes and M mirrors. Design wise, the M6 Gran Coupe builds atop the recently launched M6 and 6 Series Gran Coupe, and if our sources are correct, this will be the best looking M in the current fleet.

The power will come from the same engine as the new M5 and M6, a high revving 560 hp M TwinPower Turbo V8 mated to a high torque 7-speed M-Double Clutch transmission (M-DCT). It remains unknown if BMW will offer a manual transmission for U.S. customers as we have seen in the F10 M5.

The car will incorporate the typical M cues, flared fenders, larger air intakes and wheels, and the signature quad exhaust tips. Since the 6 Series Gran Coupe shares its underpinnings with the 5 Series Sedan, the M6 Gran Coupe model will most likely have more mechanical similarities to the M5 than the M6 Coupe.

When it comes to market in 2013, we anticipate the base price of the M6 Gran Coupe to be around $120,000.


    OMFG THEM RIMS I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The most beautiful ///M ever!!!!!

  • De Beier Heerenveen

    We received the photo from a costumer. We distance ourselves from authenticity and texts placed by the media.

  • azeez

    is that black car the new 4 series gt

  • Bactrine

    Still, I’m more than sure that this car will lag far behind Panamera Turno let alone Panamera Turbo S. IMO, BMW shouldn only make mediocre cars like 5 Series or 7 Series, but not M cars, because the letter are simply pathetic and not up to Mercedes, Audi or Porsche standards.

    • ///MPOWER

      what exactly is the problem with people like you, even when the evidence are presented before you all in your sight, you decline to admit the facts, are you one of the three Blind Mice? . The BMW ///M5 F10 TOTALLY Gun down the Panamera Turbo S, the best from Mercedes AMG and the best from Audi. So sonny Boy, please keep quiet!
      Audi is a follower not a leader, Mercedes Benz was the leader until they were dethrone by BMW, BMW is a TREND SETTER, and everything else have to follower. OK.

      • Bernardo

        Videos mostly made by BMW fans. In real world even the Panamera Turbo will easily kick the M5’s ass let alone the king Panamera Turbo S.

        • ///MPOWER

          ha,ha,ha,ha. Bernardo, you’re like an ox that is led to the slaughter blind folded. “Videos are mostly made by BMW Fans”, you silly boy!, is it because its not those stupid Journalist from C&D and Auto Magazine that conduct the videos above that left you so heart broken?, ha,ha,ha.

          So what do you describe as “the real world”?, the videos that i provide for you viewing pleasure, which planet exactly was it recorded on?, ha,ha,ha. let me remind you, those Journalist that you all are looking up to for “Fake” report, they are just doing their jobs to get paid and to feed their family.

          seek for you own evidence.

      • Bactrine

        When people say AMG, RS or Panamera, they mean the best, while when say “M”, they mean something mediocre which people buy because they can’t afford AMG, RS or Panamera. Plain and simple.

        • ///MPOWER

          You illiterate and unlearned hater viewers will never get it. If AMG, RS
          or Panamera is in fact the best, why the hell BMW is still leading in
          the Performance segment and Sales overall?.

          You speak of BMW being “mediocre” and in a sense “cheap”, that’s all claim without evidence nor any validity. The Panamera is the only car that is way more expensive then BMW in-terms of that segment & class, the Audi is NOT even a worthy competition, they sell their cars so cheap in order to increase unit sales, that’s what you describe as ” mediocre”, Journalist are paid to advertised their brand, so they will say & do whatever necessary to get paid. Mercedes Benz on the other hand is not much of a difference, However, Mercedes Benz is the VETERAN in the business but still BMW continually to be a pain in their ass, BMW is always a couple a steps ahead of them development & performance is concerned; that’s you haters always is so bitter about the fact that BMW is so dominate in their endeavors.

          why don’t put all three brand on any race track with real Experience Drivers to dunk it out neck and neck, and without a doubt The Ultimate Driving Machine well smoke both Audi and Mercedes Benz, and that’s what drive fear in you all.

          • SoCal

            relax. its call trolling.

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