N54 Engine warranty extended to 8 Years/82,000 Miles (Wastegates Only)

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In 2010, BMW was hit with class action suit on the N54 turbo engine for defective High Pressure Fuel Pumps and turbo chargers. We have …

In 2010, BMW was hit with class action suit on the N54 turbo engine for defective High Pressure Fuel Pumps and turbo chargers. We have first covered the BMW N54 fuel pump issues in early 2008 and the article has been the most commented story we have every published here at BMWBLOG, with over 400 people presenting their concerns, suggestions and feedback.

BMW announced at the time that it will extend the emissions warranty coverage period to 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first, on affected vehicles in all 50 States. If the HPFP fails during the extended warranty coverage period, BMW will replace it with a newer-production version.

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Other issues with the N54 engine were wastegate rattles, and in a new bulletin issues to dealerships, BMWNA says it will extended the warranty to 8 Years/82,000 Miles.

Here are more information below:

E60, E61 (MY 2008, 2009, 2010): 535i including xDrive
E71 (MY 2008, 2009, 2010): X6 xDrive35i
E82, E88 (MY 2008, 2009, 2010): 135i
E89 (MY 2009, 2010): E89 – Z4 sDrive35i
E90, E92, E93 (MY 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010): 335i including xDrive


All issues relating to the last-minute appeal have been resolved and the new effective date of the settlement is July 11, 2012. The court-approved settlement provides the following relief to the Settlement Class Members’ vehicles listed above.


BMW NA has agreed to extend, to a total of 8 years or 82,000 miles, whichever comes first, the emissions warranties covering the Settlement Class Members’ vehicles for any failure of a turbocharger caused by a defect in a turbocharger wastegate. The terms of the original New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty and applicable emissions warranty still apply. BMW NA will not provide warranty coverage to any Settlement Class Member’s vehicle containing modifications or alterations to the turbocharger or its wastegates (software, hardware or otherwise), or evidencing other conditions not normally covered under the original New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty or applicable emissions warranty.

Modifications excluded from warranty coverage include any aftermarket parts that affect the turbocharger system, or if there are other conditions that would normally exclude it from warranty coverage.


The emissions warranty for the turbocharger wastegates has been extended to 8 years or 82,000 miles, whichever one occurs first, for a failure of a turbocharger caused by a defect in a turbocharger wastegate that does not otherwise fall within exclusion to coverage under the warranty. Any applicable TeileClearing or Diagcode requirements still apply.

The turbocharger wastegates’ 8 year/82,000 miles warranty supersedes any applicable coverage provided under the BMW Certified Pre-Owned program or any BMW Group Vehicle Service Contract in effect. This component’s warranty extension applies to the above-listed models only. It is applicable to eligible vehicles which are registered and operated in all 50 states. The existing warranty coverage for all other parts has not changed.

BMW is informing all eligible Settlement Class Members of their extended turbocharger wastegates warranty.

8 responses to “N54 Engine warranty extended to 8 Years/82,000 Miles (Wastegates Only)”

  1. curious says:

    Is it gonna be the same in Europe? I just a wastegate failure :S

  2. yavoor says:

    yeah,me too! :(

  3. TBMC says:

    How many miles/kilometres before the failure ?

  4. Curt says:

    Will this cover salvage title?

  5. Reverandglenn says:

    *******Does this NOT apply to Canada?**** I have the wastage/actuator issue but it is not on recall here and when I called BMW HO, they said there is no extended warrantee on the wastegate. Anyone have any suggestions? The dealer said they can’t just replace the actuator or wastage and I would need to replace both turbos. puke puke. That’s about $5000. Any help would be great. Thanks

    • Sean Maccallum says:

      I’m having issues with the turbo’s as well but mine were diagnosed as blow seals. 61,000 kms and I was quoted $6000 with labour. I was a BMW enthusiast until this. Never again will I buy a German car. 2 other current vehicles….2000 4runner limited 450,000kms original everything and 2006 IS350 200,000 kms, new headlight…….

      Other BMW issues replaced high pressure fuel pump and injectors under 50,000kms

  6. Catherine Hayward says:

    After replacing all the cylinder coils, the engine light came on again. The dealer told me it may cost close to $5000 on top of what I already paid if the problem had something to do with fuel injectors. I traded the car in on the spot for a 6 speed standard transmission. No more high performance engines for me! Cant understand why BMW in US gave an extended warranty and they would not honor same warranty here in Canada. Is it the power of their government and their laws that protect consumers there?

  7. Sachin Prasad says:

    My car just started making noises. Took it to BMW and they said it’s the turbo.
    It’s a 2008 535i with 89k miles so i am at the 8 year mark but 7k miles over.
    Anyone have any suggestions on what i can do?

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