BMW dealers can now deactivate the auto Start/Stop settings

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In a bulletin issued to its 300+ dealerships in the U.S., BMW gives the permission for engineers to deactivate the auto Start/Stop settings. The innovative …

In a bulletin issued to its 300+ dealerships in the U.S., BMW gives the permission for engineers to deactivate the auto Start/Stop settings. The innovative system helps improve fuel-economy and reduce CO2 emissions, but it is already activated by default.

The system can be turned off by the driver with the push of a button, but each time after the car is restarted, the Start/Stop setting is turned back on.

Now the dealers can modify this default logic to “Last user mode.”

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Here is the bulletin:

The Automatic Start/Stop (MSA) system is a further BMW Efficient Dynamics measure aimed at meeting BMW’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing fuel economy.

BMW, always a leader in innovative technology, will be the first automobile manufacturer to bring MSA technology to all new models.

Automatic Start/Stop systems will become prevalent in the future, as manufacturers strive to meet increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy requirements.

By automatically switching the engine off when the car is stationary, MSA can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

New F-vehicles now incorporate the second generation of MSA (MSA II), which has been further developed to operate in combination with an automatic transmission and the BN2020 electrical system.

A detailed description of the MSA Automatic Start/Stop function can be found in the ICP Technician library under Technical Training course ST1112.


Some drivers have expressed the desire to deactivate this function in certain situations. This can be done manually via the Automatic Start/Stop function button with the LED switched on, indicating that the start/stop function is deactivated.

However, by default, the Automatic Start/Stop function is reactivated each time the engine is started.

At the request of an owner, it is possible to modify this default logic to “Last user mode.”

With this logic, the current MSA’s activated or deactivated setting is stored and used on the next trip.

Note: All new BMW M models have the “Last user mode” as the default setting from production.

13 responses to “BMW dealers can now deactivate the auto Start/Stop settings”

  1. asd says:

    This is excellent news, because killing the engine off at the stoplights can hurt your turbos. Say you’ve just floored the car and suddenly you are at the complete standstill and engine cuts off but the turbo is glowing red, aching for oil and coolant to flow through it. Instead the hot turbo might fry any residue oil that’s left in it, causing clutters. So yeah, I’d rather have it the other way around – turn the start-stop on when I’m driving economically

  2. Adam K says:

    Does this work on a 2012 528 xdrive, I hate that feature!

  3. D2B says:

    I just had mine done today. I hated that feature and agree with asd that having it on will put extra wear and tear on certain components (it even mentions that in the owner’s manual)

  4. 85ZingoGTR says:

    It’s that in EVERY CAR that has this feature should ALWAYS be set up to Last User Mode. No matter what manufacturer. I can understand traction control being its a safety feature but not this stupid system. Mercedes Benz is sticking this garbage technology in their models too and the same thing. Comes on every time I start the car. I don’t know where these manufacturers come off with this idea that their cars are to obligate or nag us to use this technology. But I guess it makes sense. Since it increases their fuel economy ratings to meet whatever standards they have to meet AND increases the amount of customers coming in needing to pay for new starter motors it makes sense for them to set it up that way.

  5. tgruebl says:

    I just leased a 2013 335 ix with this start/stop and after two months of driving it, I’m ready to kill myself. Fortunately, I just found the Last User Mode setting and I’m making an appointment with my dealer ASAP. Between that, the terribly uncomfortable seats, the terrible navigation that doesn’t understand English, hard to get used to drive stick, the double door unlock/open, fast blinkers (cancelling them can cause a blink in the other direction), the very annoying warning system and inability to defeat the seatbelt warning, and the fog lights that blink-on one light at a time depending on how you are turning but look shorted out in your head-on reflection, I’m ready to turn this engineering marvel back into the dealer and go back to an infinity M36x! I’ve never hated a car this much. If you are considering this car, drive it first for a while and imagine months, years of this stuff over and over every single day. It only took me two months to decide that I will never, never lease another BMW. I really am surprised to say that Infinity did their homework with their car line and I miss driving one. What we really need is the exterior and engine of BMW combined with the attention to the driver of an Infinity. That would be the perfect car.

    • tb says:

      i totally agree with everything you say. the blinkers are unbelievable the way they have you wildly indicating left and right annoying everybody

      • Mike Rubin says:

        I don’t know whether this is the case with your model, but my 2008 550i allowed me to override the default blinker settings using the vehicle computer’s setup options.

      • Clive Warren says:

        I tried reading the manual! Incredibly badly written, but to cancel the indicators you push the stalk the Same way as you are indicating to cancel them. When you know that they work fine.

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  7. Spricht says:

    Ultimate Nanny Machine

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