BMW to Introduce Scooters to U.S.

Motorrad | December 14th, 2011 by 18
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BMW plans to bring their first scooters to the United States. At the International Motorcycle Shows event in Long Beach, the company says it plans …

BMW plans to bring their first scooters to the United States. At the International Motorcycle Shows event in Long Beach, the company says it plans to introduce next year to their U.S. lineup the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT.

For LA Times, BMW Motorrad USA vice president Pieter de Waal said these scooters are a “step in the dark” for the company that has produced motorcycles since 1923. He said BMW expects 70 percent of its scooter sales to come from Italy, France, and Spain, where BMW has garnered “overwhelming support” from the market to produce the two-wheelers.

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Pricing hasn’t yet been announced either, but De Waal estimates that the scooters will cost about $10,000 when they enter the U.S. market next fall, most likely as a 2013 model.

The two scooters share the same 647 cubic-centimeter two-cylinder engine. The 2-cylinder inline engine of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT is an all new development by BMW Motorrad with a displacement of 647 cc. In both models, its rated power output is 44 kW (60 hp) at 7500 rpm, and its max torque of 66 Nm is available at 6000 rpm. The power is transferred via a directly integrated CVT, or continuously variable transmission.

BMW C 600 BMW C 650 1711 655x436

They’re capable of reaching a top speed of 100 mph. By comparison, the most powerful Vespa you can buy has an engine less than half as large and makes just 22 horsepower.

The differing characteristics of the concepts behind these two maxi scooters appeal to a wide target group: the C 600 Sport for the riders with sports ambitions, and the C 650 GT for customers attaching greater importance to comfort and touring ability.

The BMW C 600 Sport has a taller seat, flatter handlebars, and sportier styling. The C 650 GT will differ by having a larger saddle, higher handlebars, and adjustable backrests.

How they’ll do in the U.S. is “a step in the dark,” said Pieter de Waal, vice president of BMW Motorrad USA. Scooters aren’t nearly as commonplace in the U.S. as they are in Europe, and their sales are correlated with gas prices.

[Source: LA Times ]

18 responses to “BMW to Introduce Scooters to U.S.”

  1. Tom says:

    Not sure if BMW can justify the price of their scooters, especially when you can get a cheap Asian counterpart for a third of the price.

    • LaMa says:

      you can also get a KIA for half the price of a BMW and they are still on the market stronger then ever. You always get what you pay for.
      BMW scooters or motorcycles are also higher quality and better performance machines then the Asian pieces.
      Japan ruled the sport bike market for many years but Europeans are taking over. Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW are all stronger then ever in the traditionally Japanese market.

      • Don’t forget the engine is made by Kymco (Taiwanese Co,) in these BMW scooters.. This is better, nothing like the quality of Asian engines. Style and luxury is european WQuality is Asian, Strenght and power is American. In very general lines.

  2. Manchester Man says:

    I am not into scooter nor will I ever use one, however I can say that in comparison to other scooters, this looks way hotter than any I have seen on the road.

  3. Statuskill says:

    The earlier C1 was a nice vehicle, and was class leading in safety

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any word on fuel injection?  I’m looking to get a 50cc this spring, I was really hoping it could be a BMW; Honda it is.  

  5. Velichkobavareca says:

    хората естети и ценители на марката БМВ не ги интересува цената , а имиджа БМВ… а пумиярите да си карат боклуците….

    • Zigsauered says:

      I agree BMW means quality, and the price not the problem! When come to America I will buy!
      Я согласен, BMW означает качество, и цена не проблема! Когда приехал в Америку я буду покупать!

  6. Brennanj1111 says:

    i Can’t wait tillt gets here

  7. Bjaccess says:

    Compared to a 650 Susuki 650 Burgman the price isn’t far off. As a long time BMW rider why would they compare it to a Vespa. Seen a few at BMW rallies. Scooters are coming. Could be a fun way to see backroads USA.

  8. Sophiajen609 says:

    i want to know the price of BMW C 600 SPORTS… tnx.

  9. bob says:

    The Scooters come out in Australia late november 2012 for just over 17 grand

  10. DavfromItaly says:

    In Italy we ride these scooter from July. They are great. If you want to know more we have a dedicated forum here at BMWC.IT

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