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Our friend Richard Aucock publishes an interesting article on a new and green technology from BMW: ECO PRO. Introduced with the 2012 BMW 1 Series, …

Our friend Richard Aucock publishes an interesting article on a new and green technology from BMW: ECO PRO. Introduced with the 2012 BMW 1 Series, the new driving mode called ECO PRO can be utilized whilst driving in everyday traffic. ECO PRO mode is activated by what is called the ‘Driving Experience Control’ switch. The ECO PRO mode is standard in the new 1 series and 3 Series, and to the four and six cylinder models of the 6er and 5er Sedan and Touring.

To learn more about the ECO PRO, let’s see an excerpt from Aucock’s informative write-up:

“More than just an electronic ‘badge’ that are usually an intriguing gimmick for a few weeks but then forgotten, ECO PRO offers tangible benefits that offer the potential for game-changing developments in the future.

It is opt-in: drivers must select ECO PRO from the BMW drive select switch (‘anti-Sport’ as one engineer dubbed it). Doing so does three things:

bmw eco pro 1 655x436 BMW ECO PRO

  • Selects bespoke settings within engine ECU

  • Optimises electric load

  • Displays ECO PRO screen

The electric load saver function is meritorious in itself. No mainstream maker has fitted a function that dials back the electrical consumption of accessories such as electric seats and heated rear window: a bit like the National Grid cutting power delivery to your house.

The interactive element is the snazzy bit. All the time you are consuming less fuel than the car’s combined average, the famed BMW economy gauge (now electronically represented) dives into the blue zone. Blue means you’re saving fuel – and the deeper you can get it in there, the more fuel you’re saving.

There’s more. To make it tangible, an additional readout, also in blue, shows how many miles more you’re getting from the tank. This is the ingenious part: the more you take it steady, the more miles you eek out.

It is reset each time you refuel, so is stored even if you turn the engine off. Thus, a permanent incentive to save fuel and claw the miles back. A savings account that’s in your hands – so if you want a ‘free’ 50-mile’ trip on the weekended, ease off to claw back the miles.”

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8 Responses to “BMW ECO PRO”

  1. Giom says:

    A sort of ‘end of the month’ mode then… I like it. :)

    I tried it out in the 116i I drove, it really cuts back the torque. Felt strange, but sometimes I like to drive really economically, so, this function will be a nice addition.

  2. LaMa says:

    seems like the big savings with diesels are gone, so this makes perfect sense.
    Yesterday  regular fuel was 2.99 and diesel 3.69 at the lowest priced gas station.
    Some station was selling diesel for 3.91 and the highest gasoline was 3.16 so either way
    there is at least 20-25% price difference. Diesels use less but not much more then 20-25%
    if you add the higher price and service cost into the game. Also saving 5-8% and puttering
    around in a diesel or a nice turbo’s gas engine,  most people will choose the gas.
    Diesel days are gone if the diesel fuel will cost 20-25% more.

  3. Bill Vogeney says:

    Sound very cool. Can’t wait to drive a 328i and see how it works on the N20 turbo. I agree on the diesel part-I don’t see how diesel will continue to expand in the US until the price normalizes. From what I understand, Europe has “topped out” their ability to refine diesel fuel so they’re buying production from US refineries. That’s why diesel is more expensive-and quite a bit more so-than premium fuel

  4. Tom says:

    This stuff is so annoying.  Along with Start-Stop being turned “on” by default.

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