Exclusive: F10 BMW M5 Ring Taxi First Photos

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Today, at the M Festival at Nurburgring, BMW gave the fans a preview of next generation Ring Taxi and as expected, the new F10 BMW …

Today, at the M Festival at Nurburgring, BMW gave the fans a preview of next generation Ring Taxi and as expected, the new F10 BMW M5 will carry on the legacy, with or without Sabine Schmitz.

The Nürburgring’s Nordschleife is widely regarded as the most spectacular, most challenging and longest race track in the world and for years, Sabine Schmitz and her E60 M5 have been entertaining customers looking for the ultimate thrill.

According to BMW officials, the F10 M5 Ring Taxi will start its usual rounds at Green Hell in 2012.



  • Erik9108

    Great to see the M5 taking its place as the Ring Taxi again.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a ride during the next European Delivery!

  • La Ma

    hurray, so Sabine will not be unemployed !

  • Urtan Rexhepi

    i can’t wait for Video

  • Urtan Rexhepi

    i can’t wait for Video

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  • LexusLVR

    Yawn. The LF-A would tear the new M5 a new one. There’s nothing special about the new M5. Cars like GT-R, LF-A and even the new 2010 Z06 testmule totally own the ‘Ring.

    • Aaron Danforth Wilkins

      All of the cars you mentioned besides the M5 are sports cars from the ground up. What’s your point? 

      Do you drive some tired out ES, or worse, nothing at all? Yeah, I don’t think you even own a car. 

      • LexusLVR

         The point: BMW is overpriced. The M5 is overpriced. For that kind of money this car needs to be able to beat these cars, especially the GT-R.

        • serhan

          M5 4 doors > gtr 2 doors :D

        • serhan

          M5 4 doors > gtr 2 doors :D

        • wazon8

          Have you ever seen eighter GT-R or M5? I guess that answer is negative, otherwise you should know that comparing these cars is just stupid. They are very different and are addressed to very different kind of customers. You cannot take your business partner in GT-R, you cannot take your family on vacation (unless your family is just you and your girlfriend/wife) in GT-R, you cannot go for shopping in GT-R and so on, but you can do all these things in M5 F10 and then you can drive it on a race track. 

          As for being overpriced, it seems to me that the new M5 is priced as it should be priced! It offers luxury with more than decent performance! Witness: 7:55 time achieved at the Ring, which is in fact much faster than Audi R8 V8. So, saying that this car is not the best piece of engineering in its segment and is not worth its price is just ridiculous. Have you seen MB E63AMG price tag?!

          What are you trolling here for?

        • Guest

          Ok two things:
          1. You say the m5 which is a four door saloon for less than a 100k needs to be faster than the gtr yet the lfa which costs six times more than the gtr isn’t even faster and
          2. the lfa is the most overpriced car ever.
          Therefore i can’t see any logic in your posts.

        • LexusLVRloveBigDicks

          The M5 is definitely overpriced compare to your Yaris.  Nothing beats the Yaris, They didn’t release the Ring numbers for that car because it doesn’t want to embarass the LF-A and the GTR. 

          Toyota rulez the universe!!!!!

    • Erik R

      How would any of those cars be a Ring Taxi.  Only room for one passanger.

    • LexusLVReatsSh1t

      Yeah I’m sleepy too, the Yaris will tear all the these BMW’s a new one.  Nothing as special as a Yaris, the Yaris rulez LexusLVR’s cock ring.

    • Jiminy Jimenez

      Too bored with the Lexus forums so you came over here for a troll?

    • Fredyschiftan

      How old are you grandfather?  Only elderly people drive Lexus I can Imagine you driving that Toyota!! You see Lexus is toyota          Audi is VW    Honda is Acura    Nissan is Infinity  all and more are all governed by Board of directors who only think of making money !!!     BMW is BMW   ………..pls dont reply

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  • X5SoB

    What did you mean, with or without Sabine? Did I miss a post? Is she leaving? The RingTaxi wouldn’t be the same even with the awesome new M5…

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