BMW 1M Nurburgring time: 8:15

1M | June 17th, 2011 by 19
BMW 1er M Coupé E82 LCI Exterieur 202 750x500

German magazine Sport Auto delivers their track report of the new BMW 1M. Along with the test drive review, the respectable magazine gives us the …

German magazine Sport Auto delivers their track report of the new BMW 1M. Along with the test drive review, the respectable magazine gives us the first Nurburgring time: 8:15 minutes, a tad slower than the 8:12 minutes time reported back in December.

Horst von Saurma pushed the 1M to its limit and came out only 10 seconds slower than the M3 Coupe, but 7 seconds faster than the E46 M3. In comparison, Audi TT RS reported a Nurburgring time of 8:09 minutes, while the RS3 Sportback clocked in at 8:20 minutes.

At Hockenheim race track, Sport Auto clocked the 1M at 1:14.1 minutes, faster than the M3 Coupe with DCT gearbox, 1:14.2 minutes. The 340 horsepower “baby-M” was also nearly a second faster than the Audi TT RS (1:15) and the RS5 Coupe (1:15.3). The Porsche Cayman S with manual transmission fell a bit short as well 1:14.3, but the PDK driven Cayman S lapped below the 1 Series M Coupe 1:13.9. As an interesting tidbit, the 1M was only 0,6 seconds slower than M3 E46 CSL.
As expected, the 40% more expensive Cayman R with PDK transmission remains the fastest with 1:12.4 around Hockenheim.

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In the next weeks, we expect to see more lap times from Nurburgring.

However, the 1M receives some criticism from the German magazine. The undercarriage setup was said to be to “hard” for Nurburgring Nordschleife and day-to-day driving, yet perfect for the asphalt at Hockenheim. Overall, the magazine classifies the new 1M as an iconic BMW which builds atop of the M core values.

19 responses to “BMW 1M Nurburgring time: 8:15”

  1. goran says:

    First I was… great! This car does not stop to amaze me, but then I saw the time of the Renault Megane RS Trophy..
    1M  4-7s slower than the RS.. I did not expect that. 

    However, little bit OT, while I was searching through the laptimes, I found this the new M5 did the Ring in 7min.01sec?!?!?!?! Could you guys check this? Is it valid or this is someone’s vivid imagination?? :)

  2. Victor Aros says:

    Please, can anybody explain how in earth the new Renault Megane RS Trophy managed to beat almost all of them with 8:07 ???

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Manchester Man says:

    The TTRS has a twin clutch semi auto gearbox whereas the 1 M has a manual gearbox. For that reason I am not surprised the TTRS was quicker. If the TTRS had a manual gearbox, it will be slower then the 1 M because the geartimes in the twin clutch gearbox can never be match manually. 

    And most review sites stress clearly that the 1 M is much more fun to drive and is more of a drivers car.


  5. Reb says:

    Renault are the Best !! the Megane RS is probably the best in its class i.e. among the well
    reputed Focus RS, and BMW 1M, Audi TT RS, Porsche Boxter…M6…

  6. Sumdude says:

    Very good time for a car that is rated at “only” 335hp.  Says a lot for the chassis.  Most of you know it would be pretty easy to get a lot more power from this car.

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