Exclusive: First photos BMW X1 with M Sport Package

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Exclusively we bring you the first photos of the BMW X1 with the M Sport Package. In yesterday’s press release, BMW announced the introduction of …

Exclusively we bring you the first photos of the BMW X1 with the M Sport Package. In yesterday’s press release, BMW announced the introduction of the new package for the popular X1, but no photos were offered.

The package will be available this Spring for all engine versions of the X1 and comprises suspension, exterior and interior components specially developed for this model.

They include sports suspension calibration and 17-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels for even sharper driving dynamics. Alternatively, the M Sports package can be supplied with 18-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels.
The M Sports package for the BMW X1 also features an M Aerodynamics package, door sills with the “M” logo and BMW Individual High Gloss Shadow Line trim for the side window surrounds and roof rails. Also available in conjunction with the M Sports package are the metallic exterior paint colours Alpine White, Le Mans Blue, Sapphire Black, Space Grey, Vermillion Red and Mineral White.

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Sports seats upholstered in cloth/alcantara, an M leather-trimmed steering wheel with multifunction buttons and an M footrest for the driver add to the driving pleasure when the BMW X1 is equipped with the M Sports package. The high-end sporty theme is capped off by a BMW Individual roof liner in Anthracite, dark cross-brushed aluminium interior trim, the M gearshift lever for vehicles with six-speed manual transmission and a leather handbrake lever gaiter.

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The X1 with M Sport pack will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

19 responses to “Exclusive: First photos BMW X1 with M Sport Package”

  1. Murph says:

    M Sport kit really beefs up the appearance of the X1 – hope the US market gets one!

    • FreudeKing says:

      Now why didn;t they come up with this earlier instead of this horrible front end with that ghost like dumper???

      It is amazing how nice the X1’s looks changes to one being attractive with just a change in the bumper. They probably realised how ugly the standard one looks (turning away youths as none of us thought it was attractive), so quickly worked on this sports bumper.

      Anyway, glad that it is out as I will definitely consider this now. Just hope they will not charge a heavy premium just so that the X1 does not look ugly.

  2. bunker says:

    they did a nice job on this one. really cleans up the front end.

  3. X5SoB says:

    Makes it look mean and purposeful. I want one in vermillion red.

  4. Kyle Leclair says:

    It seems as though ALL new BMWs almost need the M-Sport package as a requirement to look good, so bad is their new front fascia designs.

    On topic, this really bring the X1 to a whole new level. Truly magnificent.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Agree, really nice looking now.

      It’s a pity you need to pay more so that your BMW does not look ugly as it comes out in ugly guise.

  5. JPM says:

    Have a 3 series M-aport..n gotta say I’m really tired of this steering wheel.

  6. e30i says:

    pretty much all modern new cars need some sort of sport package to beef up their appearance. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this (in the UK) but 90% of Audis and BMW’s that you see on the road have the s line/m sport package.

  7. Tom says:

    Seems almost necessary given the abundance of the base model’s black plastic molding.

  8. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    Looks really good! Much cleaner looking…

  9. Danny Shore says:

    What did Clarkson call this? “Rubbish”

    • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

      Because he never likes SUV/SAV and saying it’s pointless unless it’s diesel… I don’t get it, but funny that he owns a Land Rover.

    • tweer says:

      He’s never driven it for top gear, anyway he’s more interested in making stupid soundbites for the poorly informed to regurgitate than actual motoring journalism.

  10. That’s a real cost effective and great car from BMW. I think the black color would look magnificent.  

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