BMW 1 Series ActiveE production vehicle to roll out next week

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The BMW 1 Series ActiveE will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, but the first production vehicle will be roll …

The BMW 1 Series ActiveE will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, but the first production vehicle will be roll out as early as next week. According to BMW insider Scott27, the company will soon be ready to accept applications for the pilot program that begins this summer.

To gather feedback quicker and more efficient, BMW has also setup a forum for future owners and general public. The team behind the ActiveE project pointed us to the following internet address:

BMW will also introduce an iPhone app, called “BMW EV Mobile Application” which will allow non-electric drivers to make an informed decision on whether the BMW 1er Coupe ActiveE satisfies their driving habits and requirements.

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In the US, BMW will offer at least 450 ActiveE vehicles, similar to the MINI E pilot introduced two years ago.

New York Metro and Greater Los Angeles will again be included and be joined by Metropolitan markets of San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento and Boston.

A glimpse of the BMW ActiveE was first seen with theConcept ActiveE at the North American International Auto Show in January, 2010. Based on the chassis of a BMW 1 Series Coupe it features a newly developed electric drivetrain and a lithium-ion battery-packed developed in cooperation with SB-LiMotive. It offers four passenger seating and approximately seven cubic-feet of luggage capacity.

Based on realistic simulations, the sprint from 0-60 mph requires approximately 8.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is electronically limited at around 90 mph.

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The lithium-ion battery pack specially developed for this vehicle supplies energy to the motor and all other functions of the BMW Concept ActiveE. For the first time, storage cells are used which were developed especially for use in automobiles by the BMW Group in collaboration with the cooperation partner SB LiMotive. The aim is to use the best available technology in the area of energy storage as part of the development of the Megacity Vehicle.

The lithium-ion batteries of the BMW Concept ActiveE have their own liquid cooling system and intelligent battery management system, which are key elements in increasing both the storage capacity and the durability of the battery cells. These systems also ensure that the long range can be maintained largely independent of external climatic conditions. The storage system developed for the BMW Concept ActiveE enables a real-world range of about 100 miles on a single charge, depending on conditions.

More information and photos will be released in the next weeks.

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12 responses to “BMW 1 Series ActiveE production vehicle to roll out next week”

  1. Erik says:

    Why would this 1er get the current body style which is about to be updated?

  2. Tom says:

    “real-world range of about 100 miles on a single charge, depending on conditions.”

    That’s what they said about the MINI-E and unfortunately the estimate is way too optimistic.

  3. T says:

    MINI E was about first steps into a new world of Electric Mobility for BMW.
    MINI E was work in progress, by having the public evaluation, BMW have gathered enough feedback to progress further with the ActiveE.

    This is why BMW are going to be leaders in the Premium segment for electric mobility. Because they started early and they let the public dictate the requirements regarding the further development of the concept for BMW’s venture into electric mobility.

    BMW have taken their time in Electric Mobility because in this case for a new brand direction you have to ease the customer in and to do that you need to involve them. This car is about what a BMW customer needs in electric mobility, besides the dynamic attributes of a BMW.
    This is what the MINI E has done. What other manufacturer has done so?

    The BMW 1er Coupe ActiveE demonstrates , for more than eight decades, BMW have been building vehicles that are uncompromised, authentic and exhilarating to drive now more so with electric mobility.

  4. Laszlo says:

    one small step for BMW and a huge giant leap backwards for the world.

    Chargeable Electric cars cause too much pollution and shortage in rare earths that they are definitely not the Future. Just because the tailpipe is clean the electricity must comes from polluting generators.

    They needed to shut the greenies mouth, in order to get away with M3 M5 M6 so I will do the same. We need the M3 M5 M6 not this electric crap.

    • X5SoB says:

      Energy utilization for gasoline is on the order of 10 to 30 percent, the rest being lost in waste heat, while electricity is on the order of 80 to 90 percent, so, the arguement that electricity is more polluting is wrong, even with all coal fired plants. Also the only rare earth being depleted is Lithium, which is one of the most plentiful of the “rare” earths, and will be recycled after the useful life of the battery is over. Your view has been influenced by the very same misinformed “greenies” that you revile.

      • BIMMER1 says:

        There is still a significant amount of hazardous waste that is left over from the battery recycling process, not to mention all the crap China pumps into the environment while making the batteries. The fact still remains, hybrid and electric cars are worse for the environment than most petrol cars from the 90’s when you factor in their whole lifecycle from dust to dust. Hybrids and EV’s are just maketing ploys/band aids that keep big oil in bed with the industry.

        • DSC OFF says:

          First of all, coal burning plants are much cleaner and more efficient that your V6 engine. Second, electricity can be made using solar and wind power, not just coal. Third of all, going electric is not ALL about being clean. It’s also about becoming less dependent on foreign oil. Oil won’t last forever. Neither will coal. However, I’m pretty sure the sun will shine and the wind will blow for many centuries to come.

  5. X5SoB says:

    I would love to be one of the evaluators, how does one get invited to be part of the study?

    • BIMMER1 says:

      1. Live in one of a half dozen or so cities that qualifies
      2. Be willing to pay $1200/mo. to drive a car that otherwise costs less than half that montly
      3. Have a secure, lockable garage so theives have less oppurtunity to steal the technology
      4. Have an electrical system that can handle the extra load
      5. Be lucky enough to have BMW pick you once you meet those pre-requisites

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