New engines for the next BMW 1 Series

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The second generation of the BMW 1 Series is just around the corner and for the compact model, BMW will offer new powerplant choices, including …

The second generation of the BMW 1 Series is just around the corner and for the compact model, BMW will offer new powerplant choices, including a modern four-cylinder gasoline engine with turbocharging and direct injection.

Next generation 1 Series will launch in 2011, first in a hatchback form, followed a year later by the Coupe and Convertible models. Along with the redesigned bodystyle, the new 1er family will offer a wide range of engines, including turbo-petrol engines with three or four cylinders.

The 1er will remain a rear-wheel drive vehicle and shares the same L7 architecture as the next 3 series. At the same time, the L7 has the flexible firewall location geometry that will allow it to accommodate FWD, RWD, or AWD models.

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First, a couple 2.0-liter four-cylinder will be introduced, producing 204 and 238 horsepower. But this is only the first step, because the engineers have set themselves the goal to integrate diesel and gasoline more closely together.

Despite the higher development costs, the long term savings from mass production will offset any initial investments. For now, BMW has scrapped any plans to offer an electric and hybrid drive for the new 1 Series. The decision to move forward with the highly-efficient N57 1.5 liter diesel engine was driven by the results obtained in testing the Vision EfficientDynamics vehicle. The horsepower range for the three-cylinder powerplants goes from 95 to 177 horsepower.

The gasoline version, dubbed N30, comes in displacements of 1.2 and 1.5 liters with power output of ranging from 70 to 184 horsepower.

At the high-end of the line-up, it is expect that BMW will continue to offer the six-cylinder N55 Twin-Scroll engine for its 135i Coupe model.

The new BMW 1 Series Hatchback Concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

20 responses to “New engines for the next BMW 1 Series”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    Those rear lights and the whole design reminds me of the VW Polo!

  2. FreudeKing says:

    The fact that they are going to have a chassis that accomodates FWD, AWD, RWD means that handling will be compromised again. We already have a 5 Series that handles like a VW Passat, are we going to have a 1 and 3 Series that handles like a Toyota Corolla just because they want to cut development and production costs?

    What the hell is happning to this company? I guess if you make it an achievement for yourself as management team members and advertise extensively and proudly about the number of jobs you have cut at BMW, then I guess this is the knock that we would have to take. Afterall, you are losing quality and charater. BMW will be ruined in your hands! As customers, we don’t support such BS.

    • wazon8 says:

      You have to have a problem with understanding data. Show me Passat with 64.9 mph slalom speed and explain why 550i e60 is called great hanling car despite having the same slalom speed as new 535i which is in your opinion poor handling car. Moreover, how did it happen that new 535i is faster than 550i e60 at Hockenheim Short despite being heavier and less powerful? Isn’t great handling part of explanation? Something is wrong rather with your assessment of situation than with company. Siruously, you call the best handling car in its class a “poor handling car”. That sounds really bizzare, since it’s almost as fast as XF-R when you consider slalom speed and is not high performance sedan. Better rethink the matter.

  3. 1Mc says:

    Who cares, the 1M Coupe should be revealed tomorrow. Get us the news on it Horatiu!

  4. 1Mc says:

    Haha, great stuff as always Horatiu! We trust you!


  5. 75 and 95hp 3-cylinder make no sense on the 1 series

    • wazon8 says:

      When combined with electric motor? These engines seem to be dedicated to hybrid powerplant.

    • JakeM says:

      “75 and 95hp 3-cylinder make no sense on the 1 series”

      Makes plenty of sense to me for Europe.

    • Otto says:

      It does make sense actually. The purpose of these low CO2 emission engines is to comply with European regulations by decreasing the maker average CO2 emissions.

  6. Michael says:

    I hope there would be a 3.0 L L6 “NA” “HPI” engine on the f20 130i…
    Turbocharger is powerful, but it just makes no sense to me.
    All I hope is BMW do something on development and evolution of NA engine, not titrate the “bar” of the turbine

  7. Daniel Hoang says:

    A way to be more cost efficient is a smaller engine line-up and and mabye the model lineup too.

    A Hyundai Accent comes standard with 120 hp and cost 9 grand and a Civic has 140hp for 14 grand. BMW shoulnt have anything under 300hp in America and 200hp around the rest of the world. Infiniti aready has 300+ hp in there base model of there whole lineup and Mercedes Benz’s new V6 will have a standard 300 hp. Its called setting benchmarks and one way is to secure the best engine lineup in the segment.

  8. Mark says:

    I wish that BMW would build a 3-liter 300+hp NA engine for use in all their 35i models. I still can’t believe the N55 is a 3-liter turbo with the same power rating, while a decade ago BMW was hitting 340 with the E46 M3’s 3.2L.

    I have no problems with smaller engine vehicles or diesels, but the premium models NEED to have what made BMW famous in the first place – true engineering passion, and I see that disappearing slowly as new models are released.

    • 1Mc says:

      Like Dr. Segler said in his interview about the M division last night – ‘no dogma’. They’re not interested in the horsepower race, they’ve done it, can do it, it’s not what they’re about.

      They want to build M cars that have a distinct race feel to them. That’s what M is about.

      As for BMW, they should be focusing on green tech, not building big hp cars for the minority. Focus on finding power in hybrids, KERS, improving Start/Stop etc. If they wrongly listen to petrolheads who selfishly just want what they want and pay no thought to the future – then BMW will die off and get left behind.

      Thankfully after seeing BMW’s trends recently and listening to Kay’s interview my faith in BMW as being forward thinking is restored.

      And they will always have the track to prove their race pedigree, that’s where big engine belong, not in the daily driver. Ego and badge wars are a nonsense. I’d like to see M represent something smarter than just a big engine. Go check out Ford people if the numbers BMW put out aren’t big enough for you ;)

  9. amanda says:

    Does anyone know whether it would be possible for me to put 2009 lights on a 2004 1 series BMW? Will the wiring be different or are they a different shape?

  10. phil says:

    I seriously hope BMW brings the 123d, 5 door to the US. Also add roof rails as an option!

  11. khutso says:

    Design? Well done BMW on the 1 series but, front wheel? not sure about that. Rather stick to RWD and introduce AWD that makes sense. khutso Pretoria

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