G-Power M5 Hurricane RS becomes world’s fastest sedan, once again

BMW M5 | August 14th, 2010 by 8

Back in 2008, the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS became the fastest sedan in the world, breaking a long-standing record of the Brabus Rocket. At the …

Back in 2008, the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS became the fastest sedan in the world, breaking a long-standing record of the Brabus Rocket. At the time, the M5 ran the track with a top speed of 200 mph, but G-Power had bigger plans for their M5.

In November 2008, G-POWER M5 Hurricane RS achieved a top speed of 228.4 mph (367,59 km/h). The previous 227.2 mph (365,7 km/h) hold by the Brabus, has been broken claimed the world record for the fastest production sedan.

Back in our times, the folks at Piston Heads report that the M5 Hurricane RS managed to exceed expectations….once again. The G-Power M5 Hurricane RS was clocked at 231.2 mph during one of the tuning company’s test,

We can’t validate the claim yet, and it is also unclear if the speed was achieved as a peal on an oval test track.


G-Power uses only a simple V10 from the shelves of BMW and modified this engine with other two superchargers from G-POWER’s technology partner ASA, with enlarged capacity. According to G-POWER the BI-Kompressor system could be raised from 0,7 bar rel. to 0,8 bar rel., but the system has not reached its limit yet. The 800 horsepower, 800 Nm of torque and 372 km/h top speed, are enough to impress any enthusiast out there, despite the 300, 000 Euro price tag.

The M5 Hurricane RR runs from standstill to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, but that’s just the point where the car warms up, as 5 seconds later it already reaches 200 km/h.

  • Laszlo

    “fastest production sedan” not exactly. There isn’t a production sedan with 2 supercharger and enlarged capacities.
    Its a one off tuners car, highly modified, not a production car.

    • Shincai

      Who cares anyways? it’s just hella fast and that’s it.

    • Alvin Wong

      It’s still a “production sedan” because it’s tuned using a production car that you can purchase at any BMW dealership. This isn’t a purpose built top speed car built from ground up.

  • viper

    Id take amg or brabus any day anywhere over this gpower.
    not only that the rocket or ev12 black baron look ten times better they are surely more exclusive and way more powerful

    • plaxico

      right on!!!!

      • viper

        u bet ur ass.

    • Daniel Hoang

      Havent Top Gear and Many Magazines prove that Brabus or even the stock AMG cars have horrible handling. The Benz looks better but its a tradeoff between preformance and luxury therefore losing its “exclusivness”. AMG cars have Fast Acceleration and/or top speed but indecent handling and the thing that matters most to benz cars, comfort which goes against what Benz cars are. So pretty much, AMG cars are like Muscle Cars, which I like but its not a Benz and its way overpriced.

  • Carolinaresidential

    You all are on a BMW blog as if you’re not interested
    Just to say ill take the AMG. Well go look at AMG
    Sites and post your comments there. Not
    One corresponding comment about it. Jesus
    Christ cry babies. I hope you’ll aren’t grown men
    Teaching or raising children I fret.