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Sometimes there are situations when describing your feelings in words might be more difficult than it seems, and one of these moments arise when driving the world’s fastest sedan: G-Power Hurricane M5 RR.

The 800 horsepower, 800 Nm of torque and 372 km/h top speed, are enough to impress any enthusiast out there, despite the 300, 000 Euro price tag.

G-Power has become one of the most respectable companies in the tunning world and their main focus has and will be primarily on the performance of their cars. After recording a speed of 372 km/h, the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR is officially the “fastest sedan in the world, taking the record from the bi-turbo V12 BRABUS Rocket, a car  based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS topping at 362.4 km/h.

bmw m5 hurricane rr 2 655x434

The M5 HURICANNE RR runs from standstill to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, but that’s just the point where the car warms up, as 5 seconds later it already reaches 200 km/h.

Design wise, G-Power is using subtle styling, but their brand elements continue to be spotted as you lay eyes on their cars.  Body changes relate primarily carbon fiber, revised bumpers, 20 inch wheels, and fully functional rear wing.

But under the hood is where the M5 HURICANNE RR really shines.  At first sight, the eyes lay on the two monstrous compressors. G-Power tunes cars to be both for sporty driving, but also suitable for daily use. Despite the double performance increase, when compared to the “regular M5”, the G-Power M5 consumes just a liter more of gasoline per hundred kilometers.

bmw m5 hurricane rr 16 655x434

The interior design went through subtle changes, mostly around G-Power engraving and logos, including a label illustrating the limited edition number.

Turning on the engine is when the excitement begins and the HURRICANE  gives that growl sound that one can only dream to hear in a car. Remember when we said that words can’t always express the true feelings? Well, this is the time where pushing down on the gas pedal, just simply left us speechless.

Back against the seat, stomach upside-down, second gear, SMG shifting and 100 km/h feels like moments away.  Acceleration is really brutal and the car feels angry at you. The compressors are fairly quiet and at high rpm, the HURRICANE RR sounds like a weird combination between a Formula 1 engine and a WRC car.

The car is addictive, passionate and incredible fun. Overtaking can be quite interesting also because pushing the throttle, and before you count to 9, you’re passed the 200 km/hr mark and all the cars sitting in your way.


To handle the massive power and torque, G-Power HURRICANE M5 sits on ultralight 20“ wheels with 285/30 tires at the rear and 255/35 front. The upgraded brakes come to help by decreasing the stopping distance.

Overall, the G-Power M5 HURRICANE RR is a fairly comfortable car and provides adequate stability at high speeds. It was also modded for city driving without sacrificing driving feedback. The interior cabin provides great noise reduction and all that growl that we loved hearing, dissipates as we move inside the car.

One thing that rubbed us the wrong way was the jerky SMG gearbox which insidiously lugs at each change.

Even though 800 horsepower may seem like a lot of power, you simply get used to it and normal driving resumes.


To end it on a fun note, we took the car out for some drifting on the wet roads and as any M5, the car’s electronics will correct the driver’s errors, just in case you’re lacking those professional driver skills.

The price tag is steep, but for BMW enthusiasts with large pockets, this might be as close as one could get to a Bugatti Veyron.

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