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G-Power LPG-Powered M5 Hurricane GS Hits 200 mph(333 km/h)

G-Power is back with another nutsy project, but this time with a flavor of “green”. The European tuner combined their supercharger packages with LPG (natural-gas) instead of gasoline. Beside the eco-friendly benefits, LPG is also…

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Video: G-Power BMW M6 with 800 horsepower

German outlet Motormagazin takes the super fast and highly modified G-Power BMW M6 for an extensive ride. Those of you not familiar with G-Power M6, read on. The BMW M6 is powered by a 5.0…

G-Power M5 Hurricane RS becomes world’s fastest sedan, once again

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Test Drive: 800 horsepower G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR

Test drive by Famousbmw.cz and edited by BMWBLOG Sometimes there are situations when describing your feelings in words might be more difficult than it seems, and one of these moments arise when driving the world’s…