Premiere: BMW 1 Series M Coupé Teaser


Moments ago, BMW has just released the first teaser of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the rumored M1 or 1M vehicle everyone has been …

Moments ago, BMW has just released the first teaser of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the rumored M1 or 1M vehicle everyone has been talking about.

“This very special M” as BMW calls it has become more real than ever and if there was any doubt that BMW M Division is working on a new M, the video below should clear this confusion.

After months of speculations around the naming convention, BMW settles on the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, quite different from the rumored M1, 1M, 135i M and many other speculations we have been guilty for.

Stay tuned for more news!


With this occasion, BMW offers the possibility for everyone to register and with a little luck, could be one of the first to take the wheel of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupé.


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  • Shawn


    Talk about effective marketing.. I’m sold. :)

    Curb weight? My first question.

    • okeribok

      not good:3400, but still an achievement, considering no carbon.

    • XC

      SOLD TOO.

  • Charles

    Thank you for the link, I’ll register right now!!

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  • Giom

    Is it necessary to tease us like this…? I really don’t like when he says “You’ll have to wait for it…” It is like waiting for the 787 to fly, like waiting for GT5 – it is taking too long!

    Anyones got a photo release date yet?

    • Doug

      Yeah, it is necessary :)

      But… quite true, that won’t be very *effective* if the wait is too long.

      • XC

        I actually like the guy; look at him, he’s having fun! I’ll wait…

  • Nenciu Adina

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    First if he is from Romania? (by the name)
    Because I’m also.
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  • viper

    too long to wait. Ill go for something else….
    on topic. why all that camo tape? boring.

  • badger

    This car should bring BMW back to its roots-Power and performance. This car looks amazing. But why are they going to release this car a few years before the enxt generation 1 series is due?

  • XC

    Now that’s a teaser! (OMG!) I WANT ONE.

  • JImmy

    Viper, it’s not that long of a wait. US will get cars around July 2011. The camo is because the car is not finished yet. It is still a prototype, and still doesn’t have a finished body. The M styling aesthetics have not been put on, and they are still tweaking the engine and suspension. Chances are the final product will be unveiled in Dec.

    BTW, no Mercedes comments? Possibly because Mercedes doesn’t have a answer to this…

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  • Marc


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