World Premiere: BMW 5 series GT by AC Schnitzer

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Comfort meets Power: Grand Tour with the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer “Gran Turismo“ means “Grand Tour”, and this is the principle behind the 5-series …

Comfort meets Power: Grand Tour with the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer
“Gran Turismo“ means “Grand Tour”, and this is the principle behind the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer.

Driving comfort and performance at the highest level – that’s the promise from the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer – a promise which is guaranteed to be kept on the next “Grand Tour”.

Engine – Exhaust

The performance upgrade from 245 to 286 HP for the six-cylinder 530d already gives the standard car more pulling power and racing flair, which is demonstrated externally by the AC Schnitzer engine styling with capacity logo.

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Yet the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer doesn’t just bring a gleam to the eyes of BMW fans, but acoustically it delivers what the aesthetics promise at first glance. The AC Schnitzer twin sports rear silencer is the ideal tuning product for drivers with an appreciation of engine sound, to whom design elements such as the chromed “Sports Trim“ tailpipe trims and the chromed “Racing“ tailpipe trim are equally important.

The Suspension Technology

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Impressive comfort in driving behaviour, even on dynamic driving on twisty roads, is achieved by the AC Schnitzer suspension spring set. The tuning by the Aachen specialists makes the 5-series GT convincing in every speed range thanks to its superb agility.


Two tonnes of unladen weight are irrelevant when the car is glued to the tarmac by the AC Schnitzer front and rear spoilers.

Bonnet Vents with chromed center web combine individual design with sophisticated engineering. The side lines are subtly emphasized by the AC Schnitzer side skirts, and the flowing dynamics of the coupé-like roof line are further enhanced by the AC Schnitzer rear skirt.


The comfort of the Gran Turismo took priority in the fundamental architecture of the BMW 5-series GT. So the specialists at AC Schnitzer completed the stylish elegance of the interior with a cover for the i-Drive System Controller, foot rest and pedal set in aluminum. Behind the frameless doors, velours footmats and boot mat welcome the driver.



To enjoy a “Grand Tour”, the passengers must be well supported, so the silver AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV in 19″ or the BiColor Version in 19″ and 20″ provide the perfect conditions technically and visually for an extraordinary trip. With the AC Schnitzer wheels Type VII in silver and BiColor in 22″ and the alloy forged wheels in Type V in 20″ and 22″, the drive is even more firmly planted. Another ideal choice is the brand-new Type VIII rims in 19″ or the racing forged alloys Type VIII in 22″. The new wheel with its double spokes in BiColor Finish is an evolution of the well-known Type VI wheel. All wheels are available with suitable tires.

The BMW 5 Series GT by AC Schnitzer will be unveiled tomorrow at Geneva Motor Show.

7 responses to “World Premiere: BMW 5 series GT by AC Schnitzer”

  1. Giom says:

    I don’t know… this is the one BMW I won’t mess with. If it’s spirited driving I’m after, I’ll drive me M3 for that – even a 120i for that matter. But for those long journeys to the coast or just to get out of town a little… a softer riding GT will do great!

    From what I’ve read so far, is that the GT does spirted just fine once selected in Sport + mode. My point is that there is a BMW for most occasions.

    It does look super fine tho:)

    • Alan says:

      I dissagree I think every BMW model fits to the things you said above , And that is one of the most thing I like about them . I would never go to travel in any car other than a BMW or Mercedes .

  2. efoza says:

    Giom is right to an extent. The GT is not designed for those who want to make their car look like a tart. It is designed for those who want class, comfort and a bit of tartiness if they fancy it. That is why most people who have so far bought the GT are either ex M car drivers or those who have their M car or any other sport car but have chosen the GT for those special long rides or when they want to look special or classy. The GT is therefore for the exclusive market only.

    Having said that, I was in Dubai and saw a GT with a special kit on. It belonged to a very rich Iranian businessman whom according to the hotel staff owns nearly half of Dubai. I could not help it so I approached him and asked what he thought of his GT. He said this is one unusual BMW and most likely the best BMW he has ever had. I asked why? He said for reason what he can never describe what it actually is to others. For this reason he loved and loved his GT over all others. Well, there you have it.

  3. etuoyo says:

    All the GT pics I have seen have been real ugly but this one looks really nice. Like the X6 infact. Not sure if it is the white colour of this one has a much more sporty look than the standard GT.

  4. latest car says:

    This car is the first of its type for BMW. The versatility of an SUV combined with the elegance of a sedan. So as AC Schnitzer claim, it was a natural car for them to do their work on. That or the fact that ACS (or any tuner for that matter) has the potential to hit a homerun with the GT.

  5. Giom says:

    Question to whom ever has the answer… are individual model sales figures available to the public? I’d love to know how many X6s and GTs have been sold compared to estimated figures.

    If these figures are good, wich I’m sure it is, it should be spread around a little, you know what I mean… :)

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