BMW Motorsport Z4 GT3 with M3 V8 engine

BMW Z4 | December 21st, 2009 by 20
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On their homepage, BMW Motorsport announces a new model due out in the second quarter of 2010: BMW Z4 GT3. To our surprise, the Z4 …

On their homepage, BMW Motorsport announces a new model due out in the second quarter of 2010: BMW Z4 GT3. To our surprise, the Z4 GT3 is being listed as powered by the 4.0 liter V8 engine found in the current M3. The 480 horsepower engine has been rumored for quite some time as not being suitable for the Z4, hence the lack of an M version of the new roadster. The engine is matted to a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

The BMW Z4 GT3 listed there has an estimated price of 298,000 euros ($427,000 at the current rate exchange). Yes, the estimated price is quite high and no one is denying this, but keep in mind, this is a factory built race car for top racing teams to compete in specific classes.

As part of its customer racing programme, BMW Motorsport is offering private teams another attractive car from 2010: the BMW Z4 GT3. This sports car is an impressive addition to the BMW product range and offers drivers and teams the opportunity to compete in international and national championships in accordance with GT3 regulations – such as the FIA GT3 European Championship, International GT Open and the ADAC GT Masters – as well as in 24-hour endurance races.

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Not the actual car featured here

The BMW Z4 GT3 is powered by a four-litre, eight-cylinder engine producing approximately 480 bhp. When it comes to electronics, the private teams can look forward to innovative BMW solutions, which have proven themselves in the BMW M3 GT2: the engine is controlled by the modern ECU 408, while the Power400 control unit is responsible for operating all actuators. The transmission takes place via a sequential, six-speed gearbox. The scope of delivery also includes rims with locking and safety clips, as well as racing ABS and optional air conditioning.

The BMW Z4 GT3 in its racing version is available from the second quarter of 2010 at an estimated price of 298,000 Euro (plus VAT).

Interesting news, but the following question arises: will we see a Z4 GTS street car version, similar to the M3 GTS coming out next year?

20 responses to “BMW Motorsport Z4 GT3 with M3 V8 engine”

  1. Alex says:

    finally… a real racing BMW of today…

  2. wazon8 says:

    Great car without doubt, but the price! Hope that performance of this car will explain, why it’s so expensive. And finally, why cannot they simply make Z4M with price closer to previous Z4M?

  3. so I’m assuming its not going to have a move top…. interesting !!!

  4. viper says:

    give us the Z4 GTS street version , is the GTS the new M?

    • Resin8 says:

      You’re such a dumbass, do you even read the articles? Do you know how to read? Or use punctuation or capitalization? It’s a GT3, not GTS, and, no, it’s not the new M. Idiot.

  5. :p says:

    Rather buy myself a bentley or Aston Martin with that money

  6. teflon says:

    I highly doubt that there will be a line of race teams willing to buy this new race car for that amount of money instead of buying a PROVEN race winning vehicle.

  7. E92-TORONTO says:

    Ridiculous price

  8. Matt Stokes says:

    This is a race car people! Not a GT3 branded road car. YOU CANNOT COMPARE PRICES!

    BMW Motorsport sells customer race cars – this IS NOT LIKE going to the showroom and buying a car branded as a GT3 (such as a porsche).

    The basic price for a Motorsport vehicle is normally around 250,000 Euros.

    If you take a showroom “GT3” car to the track, you will get your ass handed to you on a plate, showroom cars maybe trackday ready – and sold for homologation purposes, but they are not Race Preped vehicles. This is! comments about stuff you’d rather buy are retarded unless your intention is to race in FIA GT, ADAC GT etc…. and if that was your intention, then you’d probably already know about the costs involved in racing competitively!

    For interest these are some small pics from some video I took of the last gen Z3 kicking ass in the 24hour race at Silverstone.

    • Auday says:

      Matt, changing a street car into a racing car by a pro racing team does not require much, it’s basically stripping the car out, changing some parts and that’s it. most racing teams do that rather than buy a factory racing car for that price.
      2nd and most importantly, no racing team will buy a convertible based on a street car to go for serious racing, the rigidity of the chases is a problem and it’s usually solved by adding more enforcement at the bottom and that means more weight not to mention that the Z4 is already top heavy with its hardtop roof.
      The only benefit of this car would be the 480hp power and you could easily get cheaper more tuned cars with that HP.
      The link you put is for a Z4 coupe based which was a very good track car (the Z4 convertible was not).

      • Matt Stokes says:

        It requires more than you think, and remember you can’t just keep “tuning” it, as you have to stay within the constraints of the rules, which, the lower down the GT classes you go, get tighter and tighter.

        As far as the competitiveness of it goes, I guess we’ll wait and see, but the Alpina B6GT3 race car has won races and that weighs considerably more than than the Z4 will. Handicap weights etc serve to keep GT spec racing close.

        For Reference, Examples of USED GT racers.. (these have been raced, bumped, rubbed, crashed and fixed, also they do not come with factory spares agreements or full technical support)

        Porsche 997 GT3 RSR: 350,000 Euro, used
        Ferrari F430 GT2: 250,000 Euro, 3 years old
        Aston Martin DBRS9 (GT3 compliant): 190,000 Euros, 3 years old
        2007 Corvette Z06R GT3: 185,000 Euros
        2008 Gallardo GT3: 180,000 Euros, used


      • Matt Stokes says:

        ooops, just noticed I put Z3 in my post above.. Obviously it was the Duller Motorsport Z4M Coupe, that won that year and the following year.

  9. Andrew says:

    I’m not going to lie – if I had the cash and ability to race in many of the European series I would pick it up in a heartbeat. Just make sure you drive the hell of it for the next few years so that the cost per race ratio dimishes!

  10. Simon says:

    I’m pretty much assuming that it will be a fixed roof. Or will I be suprised when the driver suddenly decides he wants some sun and drops the roof while cruising through the pits?

  11. Tom says:

    BMW motorsport race cars generally include technical support, along with the cost of the actual car. This car isn’t for the weekend race warrior, it’s for teams that aim to pursue a season of high-level racing.

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