Official: BMW Z4 models to get M Package

BMW Z4 | December 13th, 2009 by 20
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Minutes after the breaking news on the new 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is, we learned that as of Spring 2010, all the Z4 models in the …

Minutes after the breaking news on the new 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is, we learned that as of Spring 2010, all the Z4 models in the BMW lineup will receive an optional M Package that emphasizes the sporty nature of the vehicle.

First photos just made our way and we’re glad to share them with you in the following sDrive30i gallery.

Both front and rear bumpers receive a more aggressive look. The large air intakes at the front enhance the muscular look of the Z4 Roadster. At the rear, all models with M Sport Package feature diffuser insert in anthracite which distinguishes the sDrive35is from the regular Z4.

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As in the sDrive35is model, the M Sport Package comes with two wheel choices: standard 18″ M wheels and optional 19″. M Sport Package also comes with the adaptive suspension which lowers the vehicle by 10 millimeters.

Inside, we have an M leather steering wheel, M door sills and sport seats, also as usual, the headliner anthracite. Models with manual transmissions also get a special M gear lever knob in leather design.

No pricing has been announced at this moment.

20 responses to “Official: BMW Z4 models to get M Package”

  1. Bryce says:

    I consider this bad news… what this is saying is that there won’t be a Z4 M but all Z4’s will have the option of an M package. I really don’t understand offering an X5M and an X6M but not a Z4M. So they’re going to offer high-performance models for their SUV’s but not their sports coupe?

    • Mike Messer says:

      I’d have to agree, it just doesn’t make sense.

      The M package definitely makes the car look better, but I still like the original Z4M.

      • Jordan says:

        to keep this short… it’s legitimately not named a M because it’s not, for many reasons but one major one is the engine. it’s not a M engine.

        second point… this is as fast as and M3 yet 250lbs lighter meaning it wins in the corners with a VERY low center of gravity helping as well. making a M model would not make sense to me. they’re just too close. the reason they can make these similar performance and sell both well, is because the Z4 is not a “M” car…. as well as other little things like you can haul more in the M3 and more space, etc.

        im sure BMW spent many a long meeting on discussing options about what to do for a replacement for the Z4M, and accessing the overall situation, I think they made a wise choice. sales will tell.

        • Alex says:

          X5M and X6M was planned before the economic crisis where high performance luxury car market are booming. And therefore, it would be much more of a waste stopping development all together. Since the Z4 was launched in the brink of the meltdown, BMW M GmBH was not given green light for another low volume, high performance luxury vehicle, in this case a roadster. The M division since then push development programme for the M3 and 3 series coupe (320si) and not a proper 2 seater racing coupe (think Z4 coupe) as the new roadster is to take on both roadster and coupe role with it’s retractable hard top. The economic condition prove to be too volatile to develop a low volume Z4M as they need to make the Z4M coupe for enthusiasts if they ever make one, as Z4M roadster alone would surely turn them down. Seems like the economic crisis had prevented the SL Black Series of Z4s to be made. But at the bright side, although built as a 4 seater coupe, the M3 coupe is doing well coping with the role of the suppose Z4M coupe in racing ground.

    • wazon8 says:

      I can’t agree more with you. I liked Z4 M coupe very much. It’s shame BMW won’t offer such car with N/A V8 from M3.

  2. Bryce says:

    Yeah, there was a time when ‘M’ meant ‘high performance sports car’ and not just ‘looks like a high performance sports car’. By adding the ‘M’ badge as an option on all of its vehicles, the ‘M’ no longer means what it used to.

  3. Bryce says:

    Jordan, I agree that there’s not enough difference between the sDrive35is and a would-be Z4M. I just don’t think the sDrive35is should even have been made, instead BMW should have given it a bit more of an aggressive body and made it the Z4M. Also, it’s a bit ridiculous that they’ll make their two SUV’s with M engines but not their Roadster. If M were about high performance vehicles that can perform on a track then it would make more sense to make their Roadster an M model and not their two SUV offerings.

    • Jordan says:

      Sales sales sales!! that’s what it’s about. if an auto company just focuses on one thing they won’t last. look at porsche… they started building SUVs which would be blasphemy back 30 years ago. the X5M and X6M are easily gonna steal some sales away from Merc and Porsche. i’ve read reviews it beats both of their competing vehicles.

      like Joe said below its about numbers and sense. pretty much every major auto manufacturer is expanding and building new models so if BMW doesn’t keep up then they’ll lose easily. ppl weren’t begging for an X6, but BMW made it and man did it sell well. ppl didn’t beg for the 5GT but i’ll bet that’s gonna sell well and frankly so do other manufacturers because they copied BMW! you pretty much build a good vehicle that you think, through marketing, you’ll be able to convince ppl that they need it. then they write in reviews “i don’t know what i’d do with out this!!!” any new product is like that… you gotta build it and then convince ppl that they need that product. and with regard to sales… they could prob make more money off making that sDrive35is than a new Z4M.

      side note: you know those 1888-xxx-xxxx number type ads that say they’ll throw in a 2 more other object for free with the main one and you gotta call within 30 min?? they’re absolutely horrible advertising yet absolutely ingenious at the same time because it works on ppl!! you’ll also notice that the majority of their prices are below 39.99…. I’m sure there was a study done on the amount of money ppl would readily had over under time restrictions with a good success rate. i mean what’s two 20 bills?! really to the avg person it’s nothing and then the time limit basically prevents them from making a sound decision of whether they really need the product or not and most of the time it’s a waste to them and $40 wasn’t much so they move on. but $40 from thousands of ppl is a ton!

  4. Jordan says:

    ya i agree it kinda takes away from the M name by adding these logos as options. I guess BMW doesn’t think it’ll affect it that much tho.

  5. Joe says:

    I really think it all came down to numbers and sense. They just wouldn’t sell enough of them to make it viable. I also like the way they are using the M pacakge line item as it allows them to extend their deap heritage name to people that just don’t want or need a real M car. I know in everyone’s eyese it dillutes the brand but frankly speaking I have an ’08 M5 and I would happily consider replacing it with a non TRUE M model becuase the performance specs of the regular series cars is just incredible and in my country (Canada) you just can’t drive fast anywhere – the laws will just kill and pillage you.

    My biggest complaint about BMW was always that you had to get the real ///M for the car to look at its best. Now they are giving buyers like myself good options for the future without having to get killed on a premium price for an engine and performance package I will never come remotely close to using.

  6. viper says:

    nice little car….hate the stupid tailpipes , why not make them bigger and separate them

  7. Lou says:

    M stands for marketing it seems.

  8. Bryce says:

    On the bright side, maybe they don’t want a Z4M to compete with an M1!

  9. X5SoB says:

    You have to remember that the Z4 is right at the beginning of its lifecycle, and, as such, will sell well for a while then taper off, as do all roadsters. It doesn’t make any marketing sense to bring out a Z4M at this time. But, as a trim package, it gives the company a chance to make more money with little developmental investment. I mean, use your head, guys!

  10. gg says:

    I think you’re all forgetting that BMW denied ever planing to make both a Z3M and a Z4M and yet a few years after they started production lo and behold M versions of both.

    I am sure that an M version of the new Z4 is coming, i just wish they use the S65 motor instead of simply a higher tuned version of the twin turbo N54,..

    • The Lee says:

      I’m an inline-6 fanatic. Probably moreso than I am a BMW fanboy, actually.

      That being said, I think you’re right. I’ve always loved the M3 engine/Zx chassis combinations (aside from perhaps the lackluster S52 Z3 M). The E9x M3’s V8 is one hell of an engine; I’d love to see one in the new Z4.

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