How-To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

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Having purchased two new BMWs myself, I have been in situations where I looked up several resources on how to track my new BMW from …

Having purchased two new BMWs myself, I have been in situations where I looked up several resources on how to track my new BMW from its early ordering stages, to production status, ship tracking and all the way to being loaded on the transport truck.

The process can be quite obsessive, but truth is that I had tremendous fun seeing the car going through all these stages. Just to give you an example how obsessive this can be, I will just mention the fact that I have been tracking even the vessel that my car was loaded on and every day I would follow its course and ….even looked up weather reports on the sea to determine if there will be any delays. YES, I am that big of a BMW enthusiast.

Now what I haven’t done was to setup a complete obsessive exciting guide that will provide all the resources needed to track your newly ordered BMW. But, another BMW fan and owner comes to my rescue and provides, by far, THE MOST COMPLETE guide I have ever seen and believe me, I have seen quite a few on several BMW forums.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Jeff G. truly is an enthusiast and you will see from his BMW Ordering Guide below; I can only imagine how much time it took to dig out all these resources and then even more, to put them all together for the BMW community.

So, sit back, take notes, bookmark the page, share it with others, print it out, Tweet it, Digg it, whatever you need to do because this article will remain as one of the most important and useful articles ever posted by us. I have no doubt that you will learn a lot from his experience; I know I did, even though I thought I knew it all.

BMW Model Ordered
2009 Silver, (E92) BMW, Twin Turbo 335i X-drive, M Sport Coupe, in late April.

What it takes to start a guide like this

The car was scheduled to be delivered, and awaiting my pick up at the dealer by June 15th, 2009.
I figured out, I wouldn’t be driving my 335i home from the dealer on that date.
The car had been sitting at the “port of exit” in Germany, awaiting shipping for close to 2 weeks.
I decided, after I discovered the delay, to find out where my car was, and when I would eventually get it.
Here’s what I’ve learned about how to do that.

How to track your new BMW through the production and shipping cycles in the modern age of information:
(NOTE: This only works for BMW and Mini Vehicles, This write-up is primarily focused on East Coast delivery options.)

Here’s the car I ordered:

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

As outfitted on the “Build Your Own” section of the BMW website, and as stipulated with the features
to my dealer for my order:

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Tracking my BMW 335i:
First: you’ll need the vehicle “VIN” number from your dealer, or a vehicle production number.
As soon as the dealer officially orders the car through the BMW allocation system, they’ll get the VIN number, and then you
can get the VIN number from the dealer -just ask them.

Here’s my Vin: WBAWC73569E06XXXX

1.2 – What my Vin number means:

WBA WC73 5 6 9 E06XXXX
= Model code of my 335i
=Safety restraint identifier, indication of seat belts, duel advanced airbags, rear/side airbags, curtain airbags, ect.
= check digit determined by vin
= model year, “9” code indicates a 2009 manufacture date (see the code in the chart below)
= Plant code, “Regensburg” Germany (A=Munich)
06XXXX= Sequential production number of my car.

1.3 – BMW Vin Example:

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

2. You can then get “rough” update on your cars progress from BMW NA. The production status is listed in the secure member’s area of the BMW website. You’ll need the VIN number to sign up for the members area. This information can be 48 hours (or more) behind the actual status of the car.

This is the status of my 335i as shown in the BMW NA Member’s Area Website : “Awaiting Transport…”

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

And, another view of the status: “Awaiting Transport.. in the timeline view…”

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Tracking the car status via phone, BMW North America:
(This information can, as well, be more than 48 hours behind the actual status)
• Call: (1-800) 831-1117
• Say “Vehicle Production Status” when prompted… or at any time after the recording starts
• then,you will be asked for your production number, or last seven digits of your vin number…
• then say – the last seven digits of your VIN. In my case: E06XXXX, (Read as, for example: E, Zero,6,ex,ex,ex,ex.)
Carefully annunciate the Es, Ts and Bs – the system is voice recognition based, and sometimes gets confused with Es
and Ts and Bs.
• then say “yes” when the voice reads it back – if correct… if not correct say “no,” and repeat… (you can get it wrong 3 times,
and then the system kicks you to a live human, if you’re calling during business hours… if not, BMW will give you their
operating hours for the office. Hang up, and try again if they’re closed.)
• then say “partial VIN number,” if not a production number… when asked…
• then, the system will give you the status of you vehicle production within the last 24 hours.

These are the BMW Status Code Description:
0 Order deleted by NA
17 Order not Specified
37 Order is at BMW NA
87 Production Week Assigned
97 Order sent to AG
100 Order deleted by AG
101 Error in data transmitted
102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
105 Order out of Prod. Period
111 Order Accepted at AG
112 Order scheduled for Production
150 Production Started
151 Body Shop Started
152 Paint Shop Started
153 Assembly Started
155 Production Completed
160 Released to Distribution
168 AG Stock
170 Waiting Workshop
172 Planned for Workshop
174 Workshop Entry
176 Workshop Complete
180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
182 AG Load No. — Released to Carrier
190 Dispatched ex(port?) BMW AG
191 Returned to BMW AG
193 Arrived at Port of Exit (where my car was stalled)
194 Selected for Shipment
195 Shipped from Port of Exit
196 Shipment Arrival — ATA

Once the vehicle is listed as “En Route,” you can begin following the progress in detail by other means. Once on a ship, BMW status on their website will no longer provide a detailed update, but you can still continue to track the vehicle.

3.1 – BMW ships with several cargo lines and carriers, depending on the destination.

• Wallenius&Wilhelmsen (parent company for several ship lines listed below)
- a division of Wallenius Lines
- another division of Wallenius Lines
• A.P. Möller
- yet another division and ship line owned or operated by Wallenius Lines
• Mark 1 Shipping
– owned or operated by Wallenius Lines
(Usually BMW West Coast deliveries only, but sometimes ships to NY/NJ as NYK-Line) K-Line is not a W&W company
- Often operated by, or under the direction of Wallenius Lines

4. Most BMWs are shipped out of the port of Bremerhaven Germany
(Known by the faithful as: “Bimmer Heaven”)
Port Location:
Latitude: 53.5715° (decimal)
Longitude: 8.546° (decimal)

Port: Bremerhaven Germany

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

5. Typical BMW Shipping Ports of Call:

Here’s the typical EU to NA ports of call for the weekly car transport vessels run by Wallenius & Wilhelmsen. The destination listed on your ships itinerary will likely be the next port, and not your cars final destination.

East Coast Delivery:
Bremerhaven (port of exit)
New York (actually New Jersey)

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

7. Figuring out which ship your car may be on:
• The easiest way is to ask your dealer. He’ll have a detailed day by day track of his allocation shipments. Just call, and they’ll give you the ships name.
• In advance of that, you can get a good idea of your ship’s name by backing up the schedule you were given when you ordered the car, and finding the ships who’s schedule aligns with the approximate final port of entry arrival date.

7.1 – The typical BMW transport schedule:
• Car to be picked up by you at the dealer on “X” date, for example: June 25th
• Subtract 1- 2 days at the dealer to detail the car, and install any remaining dealer options : June 24
• Subtract 2-3 days in transit from the port to the dealer, so: June 22, 23, in transit via truck to the dealer from the VPC (Vehicle Preparation Center.)
Your transport time will vary based on your distance from ports of arrival.
Ground shipping on the East Coast is commonly carried out by: “Bavarian Motor Transport,” in Enclosed Freight Liners
• Subtract another 3 days, the car will typically spend June 19, 20, 21 at the VPC, at the port of entry
• Now look for ships who’s itineraries list your port of arrival on, or close to that date, in this example, the Port of NY/NJ arriving sometime around June 18th.

7.2 – Ship Schedules:
The Shipping schedules are posted as a PDF at the Wallenius Wilhelmsen website, and changes, but look for the Westbound schedule chart.
(Wallenius Wilhelmsen:…
K line also posts their schedules on their website as a PDF, and those are usually West Coast bound ships – but not always

8. Track your car, if shipped by Wallenius Wilhelmsen, using the VIN #:
• Go to “track and trace” cargo section on the homepage, at the bottom right.
(as displayed June 2009, this function has changed location over the months)
• Enter the VIN in the “Cargo ID” field of the form
• Hit “Track”
• Status will be displayed once Wallenius has taken taken possession of the car and selected it for shipment.
• You will then know the ships name.
• If “no records are available” is displayed, Wallenius Wilhelmsen does not yet have your car in their possession, your car is not being
transported by their fleet, or the tracking system is lagging behind actual status – which is quite common.

NOTE: My car never was displayed on this tracking site although Wallenius Wilhelmsen is listed as the logistics carrier, and agent for my ship, operated by ARC.

9. This is the Ship my 335i was actually on:

DEPARTURE DATE: 06/06/2009
(RESCHEDULED: 18/06/2009 while in the port of Bremerhaven, RESCHEDULED: at 11:25 am EST June 14th by Port of New Jersey to 6/19/2009, arriving at 12:00)
PREVIOUS SHIP NAME: AKA – M/V OTELLO (Re-named Integrity in 2005 as part of the U.S. Maritime Security Program.)
IMO NUMBER: 8919934 (International Maritime Organization ship identification number)
MMSI NUMBER: 367063310 (Maritime Mobile Service Identities – This number reflects a U.S Flagged ship.)
CAPACITY: 5,870 cars
LENGTH: 190 m
BEAM: 32 m
FLAG: USA. The ship is in service for ARC, (American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier) flagged as American in 2005
BREMERHAVEN – 06-Jun (Germany)
ANTWERP – 08-Jun (Belgium)
ZEEBRUGGE – 09-Jun (Belgium)
NEW YORK, NY – 19-Jun (USA, Although shown as NY, the BMW VPC is actually in the port of New Jersey)
ITINERARIES HISTORY: Baltimore, and Southampton

Terminal: Public Berth – NJ
Berth #: 1419 – INTEGRITY
Cargo : Autos
Estimated Arrival: 6/19/2009 12:00
Estimated Departure : 6/19/2009 20:00
Agent Name: Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Agent Telephone: 973-985-8456
Information Updated As Of: 6/9/2009, 11:25

10. Ship tracking live – status of ship locations and speeds, with ship pictures. Refreshed every 90 seconds:

10.1 – Once you know what ship your car is on, you can follow the ships progress.
Search by Vessel Name, Port, or Ocean Area.

• Click on the port from the list: BREMERHAVEN…ENT&level0=300

• Another site for Information on your ship:
(tracking requires sign in)…l_archive.html

• Another way of tracking the ship: by name and call sign

For sailwx, enter the port latitude, and longitude of Bremerhaven, the port BMW usually ships their cars out of.
Latitude: 53.5715° (decimal)
Longitude: 8.546° (decimal)
Port: Bremerhaven
Location: Bremerhaven, Germany

! NOTE: sailwx data usually appears out of date by several days, if not months. As opposed to marinetraffic, which is updated about every two minutes. I have attempted to track ships on sailwx, whose last known location was marked as “August, 2008, when tracking in June of 2009.” The sailwx site however, is the only service that will follow your ship through the open ocean of the Atlantic.

• Ship tracking around the UK seas only, and lots of picture of the ships:
The “Marine Traffic” website often loses the ship when off the coast of England. The ship is shown as “out of range.” There is a blind spot for their tracking in this specific area, but you can follow it in this area of transit via this site when the Marine Traffic site goes blind:
(this site can at times fall behind timely tracking – “Integrity” showed a “last signal” that was 48 hours old)

• An excellent and accurate site for ship tracking around the UK:

• Port: Bremerhaven Ships Currently in Harbor, live feed of information refreshed every 90 seconds:…0&type_color=7

• Ships in port BREMERHAVEN now, and the expected departures and arrivals within the next and last 24 hours:

Select from the list:
BREMERHAVEN, DE for port map, or in port, or departures, or arrivals or ships expected in the next 24 hours:…ENT&level0=300

11. Live webcam of “Automobilexport”in Brevenhaven, “Osthafen/Whendebecken” harbor loading area,
South of “AmNordhafen” Access road:…am-automobile/

11.1 – Live from Breverhaven Germany, April 6th, 2009
If you look to the North of the The “Osthafen/Whendebecken” harbor loading area on the aerial map, you’ll see a bridge that runs over the railroad automotive arrival tracks. When you look at the webcam view (below 2 photos), you’ll see the bridge, looking back
towards the loading area to the South. This is updated about every 2 minutes. If you have two windows open on your browser, both the webcam, and the Marine Traffic site will align – telling you what ship you’re seeing in the webcam by virtue of the aerial view of the port on the site.

Examples from 11, and 11.1 above – Faust and Maersk Wave


How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

This was a live webcam shot of the two car transporters in port at Bremerhavern that aligned with the above
tracking, the Maersk Wave at left below, and the Faust, marked on the side of the ship as Wallenius Wilhelmsen, below right.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Tracking my ship, the Integrity:
Many BMWs are loaded onto car carrier ships in the “Automobilexport” port sections in Breverhaven. Look for the
“Osthafen/Whendebecken” harbor loading area, it is a common staging area for BMW’s awaiting export, South of
“AmNordhafen” perimeter road.

Integrity’s movements, June 1st through June 6th:
• MarineTraffic, shows Integrity as in port at Bremerhaven Germany, West of auto export “Whendebecken” harbor loading area as of June 1, 2009.
• In port, moored in the “Osthafen/Whendebecken” harbor loading area of Bremerhaven, June 4th, 10:00am EST
• Shown as moved in port at 7:20 pm EST June 4th to a new loading area to the South, now in “Kaiserhafen ll” harbor, Bremerhaven. • Moved out of port as of June 5th.
• Shown docked again back in “Kaiserhafen ll” area at Bremerhaven Germany, June 6th, 7:32am

June 4th,
The Integrity docked to the South of the MV Faust at Bremerhaven

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 6th, 7:32am
EST Below is the “Kaiserhafen ll” port area at Breverhaven, South of the more common “Osthafen/Whendebecken car loading area shown above. This picture shows the movement (shown as a green line) of car transporter “Integrity” from the Whendebecken location in port to Kaiserhafen ll .

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

• Other live webcams, 6 views of the port at Bremerhaven:…ams/start.html

• More webcams:

• Collection of webcam port views at Bremerhaven:

• Webcam views of Southampton Port GB:…s_webcam.shtml

• Panning views of Southampton:

Here’s a video tour of the inside of a typical W&W car transporter, shot with an in car camera:…eature=related

11.2 – The day by day shipping journey of the Integrity, and my 2009, BMW 335i M Coupe:

The Integrity, (AKA: M/V OTELLO) in service for ARC (American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier) Bremerhaven Germany
June 6th, 2009, departs Bremerhaven Germany for Antwerp Belgium, the first port of stop of four on it’s way to
the port of New York/New Jersey.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 9th, 2009, 10:09pm
UTC, the Integrity is photographed by “RW68″ who lists his location as the port of Bremerhaven, 6/9/09

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 9th, approximately 2:45 pm
UTC, a photographer named Stan Muller takes three pictures of the Integrity while underway leaving
the port of Antwerp on June 9th, 2009.
My 335i is on this very ship, in the port of Antwerp on June 9th.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery
June 9th, 5:33am
EST, shortly after Stans picture above, the Integrity is tracked leaving the port of Antwerpen and the “Vrasenedok”
transport dock near Brussels – destination; Zeebrugge Belgium.
The ship photos in the pop-up window on MarineTraffic show the Integrity as green, not blue – the ship was repainted blue in 2008.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery
June 9th, 1:05pm
EST, ( about 5 hours after leaving the port of Antwerp,) the Integrity is now moored in the port of Zeebrugge Belgium,
“Verbindingsdok” port loading area. Zeebrugge port records indicate that the Integrity arrived in port 4:00pm UTC

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery
June 10th, 2009,
Integrity underway at 12.3 kn, now entering the port of Southampton, “GB SAU,” arriving from the port of Zeebrugge Belgium.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Watching the Integrity enter the port of Southampton – live.
(while on a wireless laptop in the lobby of a Westin Hotel in Atlanta Georgia… isn’t technology great)

Live Webcam Sequence Capture: June10th – 11:47 UTC
(45 minutes after the above mapped position)
Integrity, as it passes in transit between Fawley and Cowes in the UK, entering the port mouth of Southampton:

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 10th
– Integrity Moored in the port of Southampton

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 11th, 6:56am
EST, Having left the port of Southampton, the Integrity is underway off the coast of England, South of
Porthleven/Penzance, near the “isles of Scilly” traveling at 17.3kn, – ETA New York is listed as; 9:00 UTC, June 19th.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 12th, 9:00am
EST, Integrity is tracked via its call-sign, WDC6925, in the Atlantic. Last known position mapped below is 13 hours
and 4 minutes out of date as of this track, located at position N 47°54′, W 010°48′.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 13th, 7:53am
EST, Last known position reported June 12th 6:00 pm UTC, at N 45°30′, W 016°54′.
Bearing towards the Azores.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery
June 15, 5:30am
EST, Position N 41°42′, W 037°54′. The integrity has been averaging about 350 miles per day. Estimated speed
at between 14 and 17.5 kn, – or about 15 to 19 miles per hour.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 16, 6:30am
EST, Last position tracked at 1:30am EST June 16, N 41°18′, W 046°30′.
There were two position updates in the last 23 hours

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 18th, 6:50am

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

June 19th, 7:00am
EST, Integrity enters the Port of New York New Jersey, shown moored at NEAT, (North East Auto Terminal)
port records list arrival time as 6:11am. The Integrity is moored in Berth #: 1419.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

NY/NJ AIS Port Traffic:…entery=40.6759

Final Destination, VPC New Jersey Port,
shown below is the Northern NEAT (North East Auto Terminal) dock.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

BMW VPC, SouthWest Docks,


How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

VPC New York/New Jersey:…02612&t=h&z=19

(Vehicle Distribution Center):
The car will spend up to three days being prepped for the American market, and being repaired to factory specifications
should damage have occurred in transit, in my case, none did.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

Ground shipping:

East Coast Deliveries are made by Bavarian Motor Transport, in Enclosed Freightliners. This is a BMT truck.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery
Home at last:

The BMW 335i (back left hand bay) moments after arriving home from the dealer.

How To: Follow a new BMW from Order, to Shipping and to Delivery

That’s the entire journey.

Special thanks to GarageJournal for being the first to host this ordering guide and of course, many thanks to Jeff for allowing us to post his “state-of-art” BMW ordering guide.

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    oh gawd this has to be one of their best ideas thus far. love it.

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    I wish this system was available in other countries.

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    Nice article. This is the result of globalisation!

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    Very good…! But, only for NA is not enough.
    It should all over the world using this tracking system…!

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    Linas wrote:
    “Why did not you buy the M3?”

    I have one allready – a 2003 E46 M3. I live in Upstate New York USA and it snows here, so I wanted an xdrive, but also some muscle in the form of twin turbos of the 335i.

  • Asaseaban

    Nice and very detail article.

    Just want to expand on the plant code:
    A = Munich
    B = Dingolfing
    C = Dingolfing
    D = Dingolfing
    E = Regensburg
    F = Munich
    G = Munich
    J = Regensburg
    K = Munich
    L = Spartanburg
    N = South Africa

  • zamir

    Hey thanks 4 the detailed info, i only wish i knew this b4 as im at the mercy of the bmw dealership in the UK. Im awaiting delivery of my 59 plate fully loaded black e93 convertable msport. Is there a way 2 follow its progress now 2 c if its arrived in the UK, my expected delivery date was 21st sept. Can any 1 help?

  • david

    I am having new m3 coupe being built and it is now at the port of bremerhaven. Cant find out anymore inforation. I think it is just waiting for a ship. I have called the number you provided but no new infor. great site.

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    Excellent write-up. You have saved me countless hours of work. My ’10 E91 ships the week of 10/12 and now I’ll be able to easily track it’s arrival into NY/NJ port.

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      Glad we could help John, that’s why we’re here for.

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    Thanks for all the great info! Do you know what plant is code “V”? Also how do you learn the ship date.. is that from the dealer?… BMW site says car is awaiting transport. Did get the VIN from the dealer.

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    Great reading, Thanks
    Order a 335D on 02/10/10, was finished built and ready for shipping on 02/22/10. Didn’t leave bimmerhaven till 03/16/10 on the (Interigity) arrived in Charleston, SC. on 03/31/10. Now I lost it, and the dealer is saying it’s still in Charleston. Boy this is frustrating. Its going to Spartenburg for VPC and than trucked to the Midwest. Anyway I can track it. The tells me nothing and the phone # only can say that its in dealer inventory. This is worst than waiting for Xmas mourning

  • Randolph

    Funny Scott, your 335D and my 535xi sport wagon were on the same boat. My car arrived in Brunswick, GA on 3/30 and still is yet to arrive at the dealer in Atlanta. BMW NA says the car is “in transit”. Hope that means it’s at the dealer soon, I’m dying!

    • Scott

      Hi Randolph, Glad to here your baby is in transit. BMW Web site states mine is “Your new 2010 335d Sedan is en route to the preparation center”.
      I think your 535XI was on the Faust. It unloaded in Brunswick on the 30th and the Faust and Interigity unloaded in Charleston on the 31est. One day I talk to my dealer and it’s in Charleston, the next in still on a boat. I am real close to going down the street and buy something else. I was told that I would have this car no if ands or buts by the end of March. It’s now the 8th of April and it still has to go to Spartenburg for prep and the alarm. Another 2 weeks. I guess the economy is too good and they don’t want or need to sell product.

      • Elaine

        Thanks! I ordered a 2011 750Li on 04/15/10 told it would be delivered in ten weeks 06/24/10. Given a production number in mid-May, no VIN number to date. Today 06/14/10 I called the dealer for an update and learn that the car will go into production the last week of the month as apposed to being delivered. Disappointed in dealer professionalism. It’s a small dealership and I always have to call them, I NEVER have gotten a call regarding a change in the delivery date or a VIN number. For this kind of money, you’d think a customer would be kept updated at least bi-monthly. Some new buyers blogged that the VIN number should be available shortly after the dealer puts in an official order. I wonder if the dealership did not put the order in until mid-May or What could possibly be happening to cause a ten week delay. I ordered Honey Walnut Wood Grain but I can’t imagine that would cause a ten week delay for a total of 20 weeks (end of August) delivery time vice the ten weeks the dealer quoted. A car is not a life or death issue. But it makes me wonder, if the dealer was dishonest about that issue, what else were they dishonest about. WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON WITH THIS DEALERSHIP? My husband and I are both retired military. Promptness, professionalism, and honesty matter in the Navy!

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    One minor correction re guide above (which is excellent) – the bridge labelled in the google map view of Bremerhaven port is not the same as the bridge close to the web cam – the latter is in the southeast corner of the google map view – this is why you see the side view of the Faust and the container cranes in background – had me scratching my head for a minute :) Also as someone else pointed out on another site the port has expanded the staging areas with additional land reclamation in the eastern part of Osthafen dock (so when you view the web cam today the mooring areas are slightly staggered such that the location of Integrity for example in the map view above may be obscured if another ship is docked closer to the cam).

  • Ciaran

    Forgot to mention that the only way I can figure the orientations in the photo from the Bremehaven port webcam is that the bridge is a new one into the newly expanded area (would load a pic to illustrate angle of view but not sure how to on this blog). Basically new bridge would run near north-south maybe slightly to NE into bottom right corner of new area – prob more than most want to know :)!

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    Oops! – Forgot I rotated my image – new bridge would run closer to an ENE orientation!

  • Ronald

    Horatio, this is an excllent article. Unfortunately for me my car with chassis number does not show up on the Wallenius&Wilhelmsen site. And BMW UK said they dont store or know what ship the car (X6) is on. Whats my next move? Call all the shippers you listed and ask if they have my car? Please let me know.

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    I’ve got a 2007 silver 335i coupe with black interior as well… you will enjoy every single minute in that car, congrats!

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    I work for a BMW dealer in New Zealand and don’t get even close to this much detail on when a car will be at what stage, all I know is: ordered, being built, built and waiting for shipping, on a boat, in the country and finally at or on it’s way to the dealership.

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    good info. pls do share info at if relevant. else may have some useful info for you guys…

  • Alex

    Good for you and for your great experience. I m playing ” Dude, where is my car” with BMW since May. We have ordered a BMW in February while we were still stationed in Germany. Since we got transfered in May we changed the shipping of the BMW to the US. The BMW left the factory on May 10th and sat at the port until about June 10th. It arrived CA on July 7th. Customs finally cleared it on August 11th. It was supposed to arrive here in Idaho on Saturday. Neatless to say…. I m still waiting for my BMW. Except for the dealership in Idaho nobody helped me track down my car. This was a horrible experience with BMW. I wanted a convertible for the summer. Now it is almost September and this car has been en route since May 10th. I ve got no compensation or an appology from BMW. My husbands car we shipped to Tacoma. It was en route 7 weeks!!! So, how come it takes 4 month for a BMW???

  • Larry

    Thanks ever so much for so much detail. Just wish I had seen this before I hassled my sales guy. Here’s what I decided to do as a result –

    I was pretty impressed. I’ll have to study this blog for what I missed out.

    But ultimate dream is to go to the factory and watch them build the car and even pick things like colour at a moment’s notice! “Please match my wife’s nail colour!”

    Also sorry to hear of those who haven’t had a pleasant experience. All mine have been excellent. In part I think because we follow our salesman (Bought the last two from two different dealers, but the same salesman.)

    We’ll be watching this blog now for more info. So many of them around. Each seems to have some good points.

    2010SP23 19:00 Sydney, 05:00 US EDT, 11:00 Berlin

  • Kristin

    Thank you!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting my first BMW and the BMW USA site today switched the status to “en route” and then after reading this page, and followig some of the advice, I found that the ship my car is on is halfway across the Atlantic, yippee! Great blog, and so fun to track the car’s progress!

  • blue

    5 1/2 weeks for the 128i order on 9/1 got it on 10/9. The ship tracking mentioned above information is not always updated daily escpecially when the ships at sea.

  • Greg

    Great Guide – Everything will be tracked this way in 10 years time ! Fab

  • Tate

    I cant get on the track and trace page of the shipping company website. Is there a problem with the website? I am using a Mac, could there be issues since Im not running windows?

  • James

    @Tate: Try Firefox. I had a problem with Chrome (and I think Safari too), but Firefox worked.

  • Tate

    Thank you for the help……but……after all that stress of not being able to get on that page…… salesman tells me that K line is transporting my car. They are not as advanced with their website, so I have to use the marinetraffic, which is still cool. I am worse than a kid at christmas time waiting for this car…….:)

    • Greg

      Hi Tate – did you have a manufacture date – what car are you wating for – I had a build date of Nov 7th but no idea when it will get to me in the UK ! Hopefully before Christmas but who knows !!

  • VCB1404

    When I check production status of my 535x GT, only some of the options that I ordered are shown. Has anyone else had that problem?

  • Steve2807

    Wow! Lots of info. Too bad I had to pester my BMW dealer for days on end to get any information at all from THEM. And when I did get info from them it was wrong. They were shocked when I asked to know the name of the ship it was on so I could track it. Took 3 emails and a phone call to get that from them. Not once has the dealer volunteered an update – I’ve had to initiate contact every time. And, although the salesman repeatedly told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks max from order to delivery (to Seattle ,WA), I’m sitting here in the 9th week and the only thing I know for sure is the ship it was on docked in Port Hueneme almost 2 weeks ago. Dealer can’t even tell me it has cleared customs yet. And the ‘track your order’ website is a joke. It says the car is in transit. Maybe YOU should be a BMW dealer. You seem to care a lot more about their customers than they do.

  • faris

    very helpful info! Thanks for all the links. They really helped. I was able to track my BMW down all the way from start to finish. Order date: 10/14/2010, Left Germany: 10/28/2010, at dealer in Dallas: 11/17/2010. Going to pick it up today. 5 weeks!

  • Tate

    My 335XI, lemans blue with saddle brown inside, M package, the works. It just landed in Charleston SC today. I am doing the performance center delivery. Ordered the car Sept 29th, went into production 2nd week of Oct, and now its almost home. I go pick up my car on Dec 13th.
    VCB, dont worry, the BMW website isnt too accurate. Everything you ordered will be there. I had same problem with mine, with the Harman Kardin sound. I called my salesman and almost went off on him. LOL. He guarnteed me that it is in there.

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  • Froman1900

    Nice write up, im waiting on my 11 335 xdrive coupe, apr 20, what kind of floor is that in ur garage? its pretty sweet

  • Pingback: Port Hueneme Bmw Vdc | BMW Photos Blog

  • Parris1225

    when day did u pickup the car?

  • Bmw

    what day did you pickup the car ?

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  • Pingback: is it worth it??? - Page 3

  • Nitedancin

    Just ordered my 2012 bmw 335i convertible, met blk on black, on 08-26-2011, will definitely be watching this as soon as I get the vin

  • Inspirationalextreme

    WOW! Impressive guide. Having just ordered an E90 M3, I will definitely be using this guide to feed my new obsession.

  • Epilithic

    Could you tell me the color of your interior trim?

  • Allison

    I have a friend who is buying a BMW at a local dealership. And he is requesting a white BMW 3 series (I forget which one exactly) and they didn’t have it on the lot so they are making him pay $400 dollars for them to get a white one to their dealership. We don’t know where they’re shipping it from either. Is that normal?

  • Nitedancin

    According to bmw, my 335i finished production on Friday 9-9 and was waiting shipment to bremerhaven.  A ship call ed grand neptune left monday nite headed straight to brunswick(nyk line).  Another one(aida) left just now(6;30) wednesday going to belgium,southhampton,ny, and then brunswick arriving on oct 2.  Am trying to figure out which ship i t is on.  am tracking neptune and it just passed the south coast of Great britain near cork.  Dealer, lines,bmw doesn’t know anything yet.

  • Norman

    Not sure if anyone cares, but the description of the satellite image above of the north port of Bremerhaven is wrong, as Ciaran pointed out (I wish I had seen his post earlier, because I spent an inordinate amount of time sorting it out myself…).  I literally got a headache trying to match the satellite image to the webcam.

    The satellite image is very old, and the “Osthafen” port has been partially filled, with a new bridge crossing the tracks into that newly filled area. This new bridge is the bridge you are seeing in the webcam.  I have made a new diagram to explain exactly what you are seeing and where the webcam is located.  Hopefully for those who are visually observant, or OCD like me :), will appreciate it.


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  • Ed

    Man, I am telling you, You covered all the bases. Cant wait until my new 2012 528 arrives. Thanks

  • Rjdsts

    All good information, but alas my new 1 series ordered 10/12/2011 was shipped out of Hamburg on the Bosporous Highway, not a Wallenius ship. At least they say so on their web site. That explains why I could never find my car on their track and trace site.

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  • X550-ED

    Thanks so much for all the helpful info, it make the wait a bit easier… I think

  • Salih

    I am waiting for my 650 i coupe and its fun to track it


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  • Bernie Dennis

    Thanks for this great work….i am completely hooked …. and have followed my car from the paint shop to the english channel (as of this minute) and look forward to watching it makes its way to NYC…all your work has given me considerable enjoyment…all i can say is its hugly appreciated…

  • Dkdariusz885

    My ship (Porgy) just docked this morning in NY/NJ (04/18/12). I hope the dealer has my new M3 ready in three days on Saturday!!!!!!!

    • Bernie Dennis

      It I took me a week to take delivery from my dealer outside Boston,  once the ship offloaded my car in New Jersey ….good luck with your’s

  • Thomas Wehr

    seems that My BMW account does only work for US :-(

  • Brigitte

    Wow! Thank you so very much! Very comprehensive! I am tracking my machine aboard the TONSBERG. Hope to get her by the end of the month!!

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  • steve

    brigitte did you get your car on the scheduled date??

  • AVan

    My 20 year old daughter and I returned 7/23, from Frankfurt after driving the new Z-4 through Germany, Switzerland and France for 2 weeks. Since then I’ve used this terrific site to track it. It’s arriving at the Panama Canal on Sunday, 8/12, then due in Port Huename, CA on 8/23. Should arrive in Boulder, CO a couple of weeks later. I urge all of you Bimmer fans to explore Euro Delivery for your next set of wheels. The savings on the car virtually covered the entire trip! I also saved about $900. on the airfare thru Lufthansa as part of the deal!

  • David

    Here is a link to a video I made of the ship entering the harbor in Halifax

  • M54ccibo

    Couple folks discussed this below, and I missed the comments too…about the location of the webcams and the new bridge, etc. Here are some annotated pictures to help.

  • M54ccibo

    Sorry, pics did not upload…

  • M54ccibo

    One last try…

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  • M3 for Me!

    Thank you for this article. It’s great information! I do have a couple questions. First, how did you know you had no damage, as your car went through the VDC? Also, are there web cams for some of the US ports of call–particularly Baltimore and Charleston?

  • Cai

    I successfully followed my Smart Car using your info…love u…thanx

  • test

    I truly appreciate the effort put in by you. This page helped me a lot to overcome that anxiety and anticipation time. I followed each and every step as you mentioned and Followed my dream car in ship AIDA from all the way Bremerheaven to NY. AWESOME Five star from me!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Matthias Laeten

    Dear Horatiu Boeriu,

    Many thanks for posting this blog.

    I ordered my new F15 carbonschwarz with M-package about a month ago, but like every guy, I can’t wait until my toy arrives. That’s the reason why I started searching for this.

    This blog helped me a lot.


    • Horatiu B.

      You’re welcome

  • Scott Lawrence Lawson

    Excellent Info! I know this is an older article, so I am wondering if you or other readers know how best to determine the production week from the production number given by the dealer? Several of us over on the BMW i3 forum are trying to figure out, not the SHIPPING, but the actual manufacturing of our new EVs. How do you go from production number to VIN? Any ideas?

    • Horatiu B.


      We are working on an article to give some tips on this. Stay tuned this week!

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  • Emmadiane

    This is amazing – thanks. I just ordered my X5 and entered the production number into My BMW on their website. I don’t see the tracking feature that you have a screen shot of. Do you know if that’s an old feature, or if there’s something I need to do to activate it?

    • Horatiu B.

      Hi there,

      I’m not sure if it has changed. Maybe they removed the feature. I can try to investigate. I’ll add our editor Chuck to see if he can track his i3.

    • Horatiu B.

      Hi there,

      Here is what our own Chuck said. He is tracking an i3 also:

      Make sure he uses his Production # in order for it to work. You can also use the VIN but BMW issues a Production number before it assigns a VIN to the production #.

      It seems that the feature is still there.

  • Pat’s 428

    My 428 convertible was put in production a week early. It was scheduled for the 37th. week but actually started production on Sept. 1, 2014 with production completed on Sept. 9th. It has now been released to a carrier for transport to the port of exit. Calling the 800 number produced better information than the BMW/NA website. The website still has the car in production as of today Sept. 10th. The dealer has supplied me with the VIN so I look forward to following the car across the Atlantic and ultimately to Illinois. I followed a Volvo C70 across a few years ago and the procedure here worked perfectly.

    • Pat’s 428

      Sept. 11th. my car is now at the port of exit waiting to be put on a ship. I ordered this car at the dealer on Aug. 27th.

      • Pat’s 428

        Sept. 13th. BMW/NA web site now shows my car out of production. A call to the 800 number identifies the car as being at the port of exit awaiting a vessel for the trip across the Atlantic to the USA.

        • Horatiu B.

          Exciting times. Let us know when you get it.

          • Pat’s 428

            Thank you for the opportunity to post here. Your instructions are spot on.

          • Pat’s 428

            Sept. 22nd. BMW/NA web site now shows my car en route to the USA.

          • Horatiu B.

            Almost there.

          • Pat’s 428

            Sept. 24th. W&W cargo shipping is now showing the car aboard the US flagged cargo ship FREEDOM. The ship is scheduled to arrive in Baltimore on 9/30. Horatiu, you are correct when you mention the the ship tracking is not updated regularly. The last entry from FREEDOM was on 9/19. We are at Barrett Jackson in LV and hope the dealer has the new BMW when we arrive home on 10/10.

          • Horatiu B.

            Unfortunately they are not.

            I’m glad tho that my guide helps.

          • Pat’s 428

            Your guide here is the only step by step procedure to enable a person to follow a BMW from order to delivery at the dealer. Thanks for putting it up!

          • Horatiu B.

            My pleasure. Glad it helps.

          • Pat’s 428

            Sept. 29th. Marine is showing Freedom just off the east coast of the USA. It has a ETA of 2am 9/30 in Baltimore. With some luck my car should arrive at the dealer in Orland Park, Illinois on or around 10/7.

          • Horatiu B.

            BMW of Orland Park?

            I usually go to BMW Westmont

          • Pat’s 428

            That is curious, we are both from Illinois. This car is the result of a BMW trade assist. Last one (problematic) was a 2012 328 convertible. That car only had 3K on the meter when I was offered a trade assist. Happy to see it gone and a new 428 convertible on the way.

          • Pat’s 428

            Sept. 30th. Marine traffic this morning showed Freedom docked in New York. This afternoon Freedom is docked in Baltimore. I hope the longshoremen or teamsters are busy getting my 428 convertible off that ship, through customs and in and out of BMW’S vehicle distribution center with no damage or issues.

          • Pat’s 428

            Oct. 1st. 8:20 pm central. Freedom is under way from the port of Baltimore where my car was scheduled to be off loaded. BMW/NA tracking site is still showing the car en route to the US. The BMW 800 phone number is reporting that my car is “in transit” so the question is, does that mean in transit to the US or does it mean that the car has arrived in the US and has boarded a truck transport and is in transit to the dealer. Horatiu, anyone, any opinions or ideas?

          • Horatiu B.

            It’s only in transit to US, not to the dealer yet. It has to go thru VPC.

          • Pat’s 428

            Oct. 2nd. 2:00pm central time. BMW website is now showing my car at step 4 “finishing touches”. The 800 BMW phone line is saying that the car is “at the port awaiting a shipping vessel”. I am assuming that Horatiu is correct and that the car is in the BMW vehicle distribution center. I guess that I will also assume that the shipping vessel that the phone line mentions is a truck to carry the car from the port of Baltimore to Orland Park, Illinois. Soon I hope, very soon!

          • Pat’s 428

            October 5th. 1:00pm central time. BMW website is today showing my car in step 5 “at the dealer”. We however are about 1300 miles away from the dealer. Leaving New Mexico tomorrow morning heading back to Chicagoland. Don’t expect to arrive until the evening of the 7th. With a little luck the new 428 will be in the garage at home no later than the end of the week. My thanks to Horatiu for allowing me to post here. It has been an easy journey from order to crossing the Atlantic to arrival at the dealer thanks to the instructions posted here. I will close out with a photo of the new 428 after I take delivery.

          • Horatiu B.

            Almost there, hang in there. Yes, send us photos, we’ll share them on Facebook also.

          • Pat’s 428

            Oct. 7th. At 10:30am today the dealer called to let us know our 428 had arrived. We arrived home this afternoon We scheduled an appointment at 4:30pm tomorrow to close and take delivery of the car. Photo to follow.

          • Pat’s 428

            October 8th. Recall that earlier I posted that this 428 we ordered was a replacement car for a problematic 328 that BMW offered trade assist on. I didn’t particularly want another BMW seeing as we had a bad experience with that first one but I went along with my wife and was hoping for the best with this new 428. As it turns out we go to the dealer to take delivery and I experienced a first in my lifetime. We refused delivery because of the many flaws in this brand new ultimate driving machine. Second BMW and another bad experience. What the outcome will be is unsure at this time but I will not spend 60K plus for a car that is not perfect. Will not accept a car with scratched roof panels, ill fitting windows, deformed weather stripping and thats just for starters. I should have followed my instinct and put my wife in a new 2015 Mustang GT convertible. Have had Fords all my life and never had to refuse one at time of delivery because the car was filled with flaws. Ford where quality is job one, unlike the ultimate driving machine. Freaking amazing!

          • Horatiu B.

            Wow . Shocked they didn’t inspect the car at the port.