2011 BMW 5 Series enter the Final Evaluation Phase

Spy Photos | July 10th, 2009 by 39
2010 5 series 41

The moment has come: as we’re approaching mid-summer days, the new 2011 BMW 5 Series models are losing the fake plastic body panels in favor …

The moment has come: as we’re approaching mid-summer days, the new 2011 BMW 5 Series models are losing the fake plastic body panels in favor of the now famous black and white camouflage.

By entering the Final Evaluation Phase, the new 5 Series is going through a variety of testing scenarios to correct any issues that might arise in real life driving.

2011 BMW 5 Series will grow a few inches, but BMW’s goal was to still keep the car at the current weight levels by using extensive aluminum in the exterior panels. The next 5 Series uses a new all-steel chassis with some special techniques to process the steel.

2010 5 series 11 655x401

Turbocharged engines will be the core of the new 5 Series line-up. The new 4.4L twin-turbo V8 from the X6 and new 5-50i GT is expected to appear, along with a variety of other turbo engines, including the diesel powerplants as well. A hybrid version is rumored to be in works as well, but it will be revealed at a much later date.

The transmission systems will include a six-speed manual and a six-speed Steptronic semi-auto gearbox, but the new 8-speed unit from ZF will be offered in the higher-end 5er model.

For the first time, we have a chance to see almost the full interior design and the similarities with the 7 Series models design are quite numerous: the steering wheel with multi-control buttons, the area around the i-Drive knob and also the beautiful tachometers.

2010 5 series 41 655x436

As far as the exterior design, the gorgeous corona ring white LEDs from the 5 GT are making their way into the regular 5 Series Sedan as well. Judging from the front-end perspective, the test mules seen in these shots prove that the rendering showed by AutoZeitung yesterday is very close to the final design lines.

Despite the fact that many of us believed that we will see a rear-end similar to the new 7 Series, the spy shots reveal a different approach and some voices are even comparing it with the existing 5er models. Could this be just an evolution of the current taillights or is there something else hiding underneath the funky camouflage?


The 2011 BMW 5 Series will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show next year and will go on sale a few months later.

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39 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series enter the Final Evaluation Phase”

  1. Xasibe says:

    looks like a 3er from the rear

  2. Pol says:

    Looks like the F10 5 series will share the interior with the new X3 :P Seriously it deffenetly fits to SUV more than to sedan.

  3. viper says:

    looks like a smaller 7er…..interior is all 7 series , which in my opinion is boring , the car is losing its originality , every recent bmw looks exactly the same , again, the Benz has totally different approach from bmw

  4. Carlos Perez says:

    The front remind me a 7 series to much, hope that with out the camouflage that change, if not it will be quite boring.
    And Viper yes Benz definitely have a different approach, but that doesn’t mean is better or worse that depends on personal taste

  5. Harish Kumar says:

    Tail lights very similar to the M3 / 3 series coupe

  6. _Auday_ says:

    On these photos the grill looks more like the Z4 than the 7, which is a positive thing, at least for me.

  7. Rad Dockery says:

    BORING!!!! BMW better be hiding the best parts bc as is right now – VERY UGLY.. They will not get the 30 – 45 age group with this approach.

  8. Lance says:

    I dn’t think copying the 7 series interior is such a good idea! We need differentiation. The side view looks like th current 3 Series. I think the rear will resembl that of the GT though, yet similar to the 7 series’ L shaped headlight.

  9. Uxel says:

    To me, the taillights do not look like the current M3/coupe… the shape reminds me of a mixture between 7 series and 3 series sedan facelift, its growing on me!

  10. Jordan says:

    i think is looks a LOT like the 7 series. but i think once the camo is all off and you put the cars side by side, they will easily be able to tell the difference. first obvious thing will be the size difference. and then all the little things that are different will easily make the car distinguishable but still, with out a doubt, look like they’re both from BMW and the same generation of design.

    that’s how i think it’ll be once it’s fully revealed. i don’t think ppl will have a problem with it at all.

    plus look at mercedes, all their new design cars in a way look the same. they have gone with a really bold, slightly boxish nose and aggressive “creases” along their cars/SUVs. you could easily tell that the cars were related but you wouldn’t mistake one passing beside you for a different model.

  11. Bradley Wint says:

    I like where they are going with the interior and front, but I am still a bit disappointed with the back’s design…on all of them (GT, 7er, this one). However the general frame reminds me a bit of the E39, which is nice :)

  12. Rad Dockery says:

    Yes, Mercedes is going with similar design. Again, I’ll have to see the final product however so far it is not promising to me. Design is all in personal taste though.

    I want some aggression in design… the interior is much better than the current model however

  13. MiguelBM says:

    I love the Tail lights and the grill are so nice.
    The rear end the lights look like the 3 series and the 5 series Gt mixture and the rear is nice too┬┤.
    The interior is not like the 7 series is a bit diferent but the have to inovate

  14. Vaybach Khan says:

    i didnt expect the headlights to be like this ,its exculy the evolution from the current model which is good thing keeping its own originality,i thought it would be similar to x1 only little more aggressive…the tail lights its gonna be very similar to the 5gt only smaller,you can tell that by looking at the led stripes,i wish they make evolution of the current taillights but that just a wish the reality is at this pictures..so its a pity cause they disited to make same lights as gt ,x1 and 7 series..i love the L shape ,but cmon not on every model!…the trunk is similar to 3 coupe..and the body line is similar to 7 series…the interior is very good like one in gt…all in all i think its gonna be very good car..

  15. L1ndja says:

    This 5series is very promising.I Like it a lot.Dont think its gonna let us down.And i have to disagree with most of you who dont like the design of the tail lights of the 7,GT the L-shape is pure BMW.Thats why i love it.

  16. Rad Dockery says:

    Well, we’ll see. It may satisfy those who hated Bangel’s designs. After all, BMW has a very loyal customer base. However, this is boring as heck. Hopefully there are more aggressive lines that are being hidden right now.

  17. Frederico Silva says:

    Unfortunately for us BMW is the master of camouflage, the interior is a copy of the 7 series, in the overall i do not dislike the car, the current 5 series is my favourite (it was the car that make me love cars/BMW) so i do expect from BMW a respect to the fans with this new car. I’m convinced that the tail lights are from the 7 and the front lights from the 5 GT, but like i said before, bmw is the master of camouflage :/


    • Jordan says:

      Ya i agree the tail lights look like the 7 series. In way do they resemble the 3 series coupe like some ppl have said, or the sedan for that matter…. i just can’t see it. The lighting technology however does seem like it’s similar to the facelifted 2009 3 series sedan…. as well as the 7, and i quite like it.

  18. John Pham says:

    Whoever says that Mercedes-Benz is going a different approach, you have go to be f**king kidding me. Last time I checked, each German car manufacturer has a distinct trademark look about their cars across the entire lineup. Evaluating over them all:
    BMW has the kidney grills
    Audi has the extended grill/vent that covers across almost 2/3 of the front bar
    Mercedes-Benz has the steam-engine-like, horizontal slit front grill
    So if you complain about common external traits across a range, your an idiot. Of course the F10 5er will share similar traits as other cars recently released, it is a design cue of this era of BMWs. Whether it looks good or not, is debatable. But for some of you above (not going to name out names) to say Mercedes-Benz is going a different approach, is just blasphemous.

    Look at:
    In the magazine front, you can see a facelift SLK and S-class Benz. Look at the headlights and overall design, if I draw a vertical cut and separate both the SLKs and S-class headlights into two square-like parts, I’d almost replicate myself the new E-class.

  19. Gord says:

    Looks good, but I have a feeling tailights will be 7 series or 5 series GT style.

  20. wazon says:

    Car design seems to be very promising and it’s growing on me. 5-series seems to take the best features of current design line which I like a lot. However, I’m not impressed by interior. I would prefer something that has connections with earlier model design. They delete rise above board computer’s display which was something unique to 5-er E60 and looked really great. I’ll miss that part of cockpit.

  21. viper says:

    john pamh…u need to get ur eyes and head checked…..MB looks better and thats the bottom line.

    • Jordan says:

      viper…. seriously… it’s great that your a Mercedes fan but why are you on this BMW blog then?? this blog was meant for BMW enthusiasts and fans to read about BMW current events and comment on them. it’s a way of bringing together BMW fans to talk about a topic that everyone has in common: their enjoyment of BMWs.

      this blog is not meant for you…. you should consider going to a Mercedes blog and sharing your thoughts there. I am pretty unbiased considering the fact that I’m a BMW fan; I can acknowledge the fact that Mercedes and Audi both make some great cars and both have some technology that BMW could benefit from, and like wise with BMW. everyone benefits from competition and if you are only focused on one particular brand and don’t bother to keep yourself informed about other brands and their strong points, you’d fail as a business. i guess you could say i have a business perspective while still being a fan of BMW…

      That said… i’m sure everyone would appreciate if there weren’t any “haters” here. it doesn’t make anyone’s day better and I’m sure Mercedes fans wouldn’t appreciate a BMW fan commenting on their blog or forum and “hating” on Mercedes. please consider visiting http://www.benzinsider.com/


  22. viper says:

    thanx dude…
    .no I mean I owned a 318i once….and my friend had a e220 cdi….I looked ridiculous next to him even the 5er was weak with this e class…that was five years ago , I simply think that Mercedes Benz is a better car , I respect BMW alot but nowdays I think bmws rival is truly audi.

    • Jordan says:

      If i was in your situation I would think the exact same thing. I’d want my friends E220 CDI. The 318i is the lowest model they offered at that time… it’s so stripped out and barebones, most other manufacturers that cost a fraction would have more “luxurious” things than in the 318i. A 328i would be a huge difference, all the little things on the outside and then all the technology on the inside, you’d prob think it was a whole new car. You’re comparing the lowest of one class of car to a car that is a whole class higher and in about the middle of it’s class. It’s not that fair and you can be guaranteed that if someone threw me the keys to both cars, I would have dropped the BMW keys right away and walked towards the Mercedes.

      I just think you had a bad, unfair experience. If you bought a new BMW, especially this new 5 series coming out, or the new 7 that just came out, and you got some nice packages on it and didn’t go to the base barebones model, I think you’ll change your mind about BMW. You may still not want the BMW, but at least you can know that for sure with a fair comparison.

      I just read a review on the E220 CDI, a 2006 model tho, and it seems like a really nice car. Very nice ride quality and MB has made great diesels for a long time. And yes, I believe BMWs rival right now is Audi.

  23. Rad Dockery says:

    I have to agree, Audi is starting to make noise. My Dad and I were at a BMW 3 series comparison day and drove the new A4. The drive isn’t as great the 3 but its getting there.

    Will be interesting to see how the new 5 will compare against the new E and Jaguar XF. Plus with pressure from the Cadillac CTS and A6 – the market for new BMW owners will get tougher. Which is why the F10 will be so important.

  24. joe says:

    mercedes and audi can not compete with bmw unless they improve the performance of their cars. the new e class look allright but its performance is not promising

  25. viper says:

    yeah I did compare a 3series with the E class…..nevermind , I think there will always be a bmw mercedes rival , like 5 vs E , 7 vs S , 3 vs C….but there is no bmw that goes with CL , SL , GL , SLR , CLS……I dunno bmw has nothing compared to these cars and its kind of sad , even audis got r8 , a supercar , Q7 , they got V12 diesel , they are coming with A7 , a rival with the CLS , when I look at it all bmw doesnt appear to be competitive nowdays

    • Jag says:

      Why don’t u think at a different angle? Which Merc to compete with 1-Series coupe and convertible, with 5-Series GT, with X1? BTW, Merc had to build the ML to match X5 and the GLK for X3.

  26. joe says:

    when it comes to diesel performance from the entry level 520d up to 535d (the majority of bmw owners in europe) no other car maker can match bmw s performance. audi and mercedes are great cars if you are willing to spend 70,000 or more.

  27. Nizer says:

    Front end should be an improvement over current 5 Series but other than that it’s I’m decidedly unimpressed. What’s not working for me? Car looks taller than outgoing model; the character line that runs from top of front fender to taillights is toned down from concepts, which contributes to very slab-sided look; single rear exhaust outlet remains; and while it can’t be seen here other photos make it clear BMW is still cheaping out on brakes.

  28. BA says:

    that is one ugly steering wheel!

  29. Giom says:

    It seems a lot of people see past the camo tape, cause they crit the look of the car from spy photos. Unfortunatly, I can’t see past it, so no way I will comment on the cars looks and design.

    But hey, it’s become the standard practice to reject new Beemers before they’re out. I woun’t be part of that!

    • Lance says:

      BMW have themselves to blame for people rejecting their cars before they’re even properly out… this is the result of disappointing the public time and time again with terrible designs such as the X1.

      Another thing that I have noticed: Why do recent BMW’s centre screen look so cheap (look at this 5 Series)? Where did the classy indented screens behind a clear shield go to, like the ones in the 3 Series E90? This is stepping backwards for BMW. I feel like I am looking at a horrible C Class pop up screen with these cheap displays…. shame!

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