MotorTrend calls the BMW M3 “The World’s Greatest All-Around Car”

BMW M3 | May 25th, 2009 by 6
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The 2009 BMW M3 gets an endorsement from the popular auto magazine MotorTrend who declared the luxury sporty sedan, “The World’s Greatest All-Around Car”. Of …

The 2009 BMW M3 gets an endorsement from the popular auto magazine MotorTrend who declared the luxury sporty sedan, “The World’s Greatest All-Around Car”. Of course, not all of you might agree with this statement and that’s perfectly fine, but we still suggest reading the MotorTrend article and find out the reasons behind this powerful statement they have made.

The BMW M3 has always being considered one of the best all around sports cars ever built and the competitors Lexus IS-F, Audi RS4 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG have always been looking to threaten the M3’s position. Recently even the Cadillac CTS-V started to be considered a direct competitor.

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But let’s see what MotorTrend has to say:

I took our long-term 2009 BMW M3 sedan out again yesterday, a long afternoon drive and then home, and more than ever I’m convinced this is the single finest all-around automobile in the world. Sure, myriad other cars have their talents—the scream and Gucci-chic of a Ferrari, the awesome power of the ZR1, the try-and-stop-me capability of a Land Rover, the elegance and comfort of a big Benz. But probably no other car combines so many virtues—speed, handling, good looks, roominess, practicality—into one package. And few cars of any kind are executed so well. Driving the M3 is an absolutely blissful experience, flooding your brain with dopamine as if you were arriving to courtside seats at the Lakers game with Jennifer Connelly on your arm.

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6 responses to “MotorTrend calls the BMW M3 “The World’s Greatest All-Around Car””

  1. Joe says:

    Good point, for sure. But I really think the M5 is a step above … maybe I am bias because I own one :)

  2. L1ndja says:

    @Joe: I think that the M3 is better then your M5 because : 1st. Its a lot cheaper,2nd Has better fuel economy,3rd is a lot lighter,and 4th is the best looking car ever produced,and i can say that this is the best drifters car..Its just the Ultimate Driving Machine..

  3. Lawrence says:

    Me personally I think its all about opion. Not everyone thinks that the M3 is the best sports car in the world, but you have to ask yourself, what other sports car has as many tuners as the M3?, And what other sports car is made to last up to 850,000 miles with proper maintainability? NONE!

  4. Joe says:

    Look don’t get me wrong its an amazing car but I use my car for business and take a lot of clients out. Fact is they are way more comfortable in my M5 then the 3 series loaner I had a few weeks ago. In addition to that the finish (plastic) in the cabin could use some serious help. i am 6’3 and 210lbs – big guy – the size of the M5 is just better suited to a guy like me.

    To make the M5 better I would simply improve fuel effeciency a bit, and get that SMG III out and put in a MDCT… it would be heaven.

    Other than that there are options on teh M5 that the M3 lacks and needs – Heads up display, heated steering wheel, and active seats would be nice. Not to mention the V10 roar that is absolute insanity, it pulls, and sounds almost better then my buddies Ferrari.

    Nonetheless I am proud to say that BMW makes both these dream machines and nothing is better then ///M.

  5. Parker Despain says:

    I agree with the article. Nothing like a car that is easily daily driven, and then can be driven hard when you want to. BMW M always gets it right.

  6. Aaron Janikian says:

    Up until this year, the M3 contained within it an INLINE 6 engine. It is beyond me why the I6 can only be found in a few cars these days.

    It is a perfectly naturally balanced engine that requires no counterweights and nearly eliminates stress and wear to the engine block, cylinders and pistons. Kudos to BMW for sticking by the trusty I6.

    I would love to see an american sedan (Taurus?) have a nice big Slant-6 in it that will last for 400,000 miles. that could sell some cars. buy it and keep it for half a million miles.

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