Spy Photos: 2010 BMW 6 Series shows up at the ‘Ring’

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The next generation BMW 6 Series due in 2010, made another appearance at the famous race track in Nurburgring, Germany. We have obviously discussed the …

The next generation BMW 6 Series due in 2010, made another appearance at the famous race track in Nurburgring, Germany. We have obviously discussed the subject many times before, but let’s get into some details again.

The test mule seen in these photos is still in the Final Evaluation Phase, Stage 1, where the car is still heavily covered by the psychedelic camouflage. Even though the overall shape and size is the same as the final product, those design details that make or break a car, are still well hidden by BMW.


The current generation 6 Series has been selling well across the world and it represents an important model in the BMW line-up, read profitability.  Therefore, the new BMW 6 Series will be more about evolution rather than being revolutionary, with a modern, sleeker look and slightly increase in size.

BMW will fully incorporate elements specific to a premium sports car including a hardtop, identical to the one found in the 3 Series Convertible models. The bodystyle will be flat along the boat line and no raised up rear-end in order to accommodate the hardtop.


We learned that the headlights will resemble in some ways the latest trends, corona rings as see on the 5GT as well. It will have some cues from CS Concept as well, BUT as we were told, don’t expect the new 6er to be just a mini CS. We also expect a larger than usual front-grille. The wheelbase of the new BMW 6 Series is slightly longer than the current generation with the clear scope of offering more interior room.

The new 6 Series family will also include a Gran Turismo model, a “progression” of a sports coupe vehicle which will be the first BMW coupe with a hatchback and four doors. It will be a four seater only model, each passenger position and the driver are separated with a large sweeping console.

Exterior wise, the BMW 6 Series GT will have a different look when compared to the 6er Coupe and Convertible with a wider grille and headlights which sit above the grille positioned on each corner , similar to the current car from the CS Concept Car.

To go back to the 2010 6 Series, the new models will get the ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, as well as the 7-speed DCT. To make the new 6er appeal eve more to car enthusiasts, a new damping system will offer four different sport settings from Comfort right through to Performance , including an option for efficient performance.

Many of the current BMW engines will find their way into the new design and BMW Efficient Dynamics will play its role in the 2010 6 Series by utilizing  Start-Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration technologies.

The award winning twin-turbo 6-cylinder will power one of the entry levels 6er with its 326 horsepower, while the V8 twin-turbo 407 horsepower engine found in the new 7 Series will be found in the higher-end models.

Diesel fans have not been forgotten and the 6-cylinder diesel found currently in the 635d will “stick” around. The semi-confirmed/rumored 354 horsepower Tri-Turbo 6-cylinder diesel will definitely take the other diesel spot.

BMW will also offer a 655 model, a hybrid version using the same technology as the upcoming BM X6 Hybrid and 7 Series Hybrid.

The convertible and coupe models will be unveiled early next year with sales starting at the end of 2010.

[Source: MotorAuthority ]

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    cool! i can wait 2010 and new bmw 6 release!

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    when to expect GT6?

  • Giom

    I still believe its roof is gonna be canvas. This test cars’ roof is with out a doubt canvas.