Audi RS5 twin-turbo goes after the BMW M3

BMW M3 | April 6th, 2009 by 35

The upcoming Audi RS5 has been spotted at the Nurburging track in Germany. The RS5 is considered by many the next and most important competitor …

The upcoming Audi RS5 has been spotted at the Nurburging track in Germany. The RS5 is considered by many the next and most important competitor of BMW’s famous M3. Audi RS5 is powered by 4.2 liter twin-turbo V8 engine which outputs 450 horsepower. On the other hand, the BMW M3 squeezes out 414 horsepower from its 4.0 liter V8 engine, but only comes with the classic rear-wheel-drive system.

audi rs5 bmw m3

Audi RS5 has the famous Quattro system available in either six-speed manual or seven-speed twin-clutch. Even though no official information are available at this point, the RS5 is rumored to run from 0-60 mph in only 4.5 seconds, only 0.1 seconds faster than the M3.

Audi’s design follows the same line as the other RS-models, dual-oval exhaust pipes integrated into the rear-bumper and a more aggressive front fascia.

05 audi rs5 spy ring 498x331

Based on what we know so far, an obvious questions arises: should BMW worry about the Audi RS5 coupe? We’ve said it many times in the past, Audi has become an important competitor, if not the most important one, for BMW on almost all the markets and car segments.

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35 responses to “Audi RS5 twin-turbo goes after the BMW M3”

  1. Bobo says:

    IMHO the Audi will not be as exciting to drive and will still be slower than the M3 on the track.

  2. Carlos Perez says:

    I weird, while in the S5 vs the 335i for the LOOKS and only the LOOKS, (still not sure, ill take me years to come to decide witch one to chose) probably I’ll pick the s5, in this comparison only for the look i’ll clearly go for the M3 i dunno if this is for the pictures or what, but ill go for the M3 all the way

  3. L. Hamilton says:

    Ok… But the Merc E class coupe is better than the Audi A5 and 3 coupe…

    Mercedes forever.

  4. Carlos Perez says:

    @L. Hamilton:
    Wouldn’t the E class coupe will compete technically with the 6 series??? and if that so whotta (not sure if its written this way, sorry xD) wait for the new 6 series.

  5. Alvin Wong says:

    Audi’s latest designs are very gorgeous, but in terms of precision and driving pleasure, it’s hard to beat a BMW. You can watch the Fifth Gear test where Vicki put the S5 vs. the 335i. The S5 has more power, AWD and is on paper the superior car. The BMW still trumps it because of it’s RWD drivetrain and the way that 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six delivers power. Now, I’m not saying that Quattro is bad, as Audi’s rally heritage would prove me very wrong. It’s just from a driver who wants maximum fun and pleasure from a car, I’d still pick a BMW over an Audi. Ingolstadt still has a habit of producing annoyingly heavy cars and nose heavy at that.

    @Carlos Perez:
    Yeah, the E-class coupe is more in line with the 6-series. Mercedes still has the C63 AMG, but that thing is like trying to manhandle a raging bull so it’s not really any match for the M3 in terms of driving feel. I still don’t consider the A/S/RS5 to be a competitor to the 335i or M3 though. The A5 is more like a GT car like the E-class coupe and 6-series. The A4 would be more in line with the 3-series.

  6. Bobo says:

    @Carlos Perez:

    Mercedes SL is the direct competitor of the 6 Series.

    @L.Hamilton: Writing “Mercedes Forever” in a BMW Blog makes you immature child but funny nonetheless.

    The new E Class coupe replaces the CLK in Mercedes’ model lineup and the CLK was a competitor of the 3 series coupe so therefore the E Class cope is a competitor of the 3 series coupe. However this article is about the most powerful versions of the models. The strange thing is that the AMG E Class coupe will compete with the ///M3 coupe and the RS5 while the AMG E Class sedan is a competitor of the ///M5 and RS6

  7. Tom says:

    The down-low torque of the RS5 will be satisfying.

    I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming twin-turbo M3. Can’t decide whether get the current V8 M3 or just wait for the next one.

  8. Tom says:

    One more thing — BMW needs to add LED angel eyes. The Audi stands out so much more on the road with LEDs.

  9. Alvin Wong says:

    Personally I think the standard CCFL angel eyes are fine the way they are. LED angel eyes like a lot of the aftermarket ones just look too flashy for me.

    Audi did do a good job with the whole LED fairy light eyebrow thing though. It’s really unique.

  10. ferrari fan says:

    @Alvin Wong: wait for the refreshed S5 with the supercharged v6 and sport differential, it would beat the hell out of the 335i coupe.

    the new S4 (with v6 tfsi) already beats 335i sedan in every perfomance comparisons and tests i’ve seen (that’s about 3). here’s one:

    against the m3 (on the track), my bet’s on the rs5.

  11. Gord says:

    I think like traditional Audis, the engine will be mounted in front of the front axle, giving bad weight distribution.

    Not to mention 4Wd will make it heavier.

  12. Alvin Wong says:

    @ferrari fan:
    Exactly. Audi has had a horrible tradition of pushing the engine nearly into the engine grill to maximize cabin space. Relying on Quattro to fix it has started to become a habit which shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  13. Alvin Wong says:

    Weird. I was replying to Gord’s comment but it got mixed up as ferrari fan. Oh well…

  14. Vincent Li says:

    As awesome as Audi S series cars are, they don’t have the culture that BMW M series have [yet anyway]

  15. Carlos Perez says:

    @ferrari fan:
    I think BMW will start puttin the updated NS4(don’t remember the correct name but is the 6 cyl 3.0TT) with 326 hp and that will be more than enough to take down audi if not well we just have to wait until 2011 for the new 3 series and give the credit to audi (still i think, IMO that audi engine is a copy of the BMW engine, i know is supercharged and not TT but man, o well when you can’t come up with your own ideas).

  16. Lance says:

    Since when is a 4X4 considered as a true sports car? And their FWD chassis will never even come close to the superior RWD of an M3. Now they want to come out with BMW’s twin turbo technology – is there another more obvious copy cat in this world?

    They can try as hard as they want to, but an Audi will always be just another VW inside. The interior may “perceive” to be neat and well built, but it’s a pity it doesn’t last. The 4 wheel drive system may be well marketed by the marketers, but the fact is that it is such an old technology like you cannot believe except for one or two additions to the system. Compare that outdated Quattro system with BMW’s xDrive, sorry but it is like comparing a flat screen box TV with the latest HD LCD!

    Go do yourself a favour, drive the Quattro cars of Audi, yes they accelerate quickly. But everytime you take your foot off the accelerator, it feels like you are tapping on the brakes slightly due to the tremendous amount of extra friction of this 4 wheel drive system from Audi – I drove the S5. This sort of thing is certainly unacceptable at a sports car level like an M3… not to mention the extra heavy fuel consumption with no extra pleasure.

    Not too long ago, we’ve had another major recall from VW’s (goes with Audi as well as they use the same engines) turbo’s. Judging from quality surveys and what people’s experiences are, I’d stay clear of any VW’s Audi Quattro and turbo let alone twin turbo. It’s like: why buy that RR inspired Geely when you can buy a true Rolls Royce at the same price?

  17. Carlos Perez says:

    BTW took 3 years (Same time that took cady to reach the m5 with the cts-v) to audi to make *cof* copy *cof* an engine that could compete with a BMW engine, meanwhile, BMW is creating something new, something that audi will emulate, and well will know how the story will continue.
    Call me when audi does something new, from zero, and not based on anything developed by any other car company

  18. ferrari fan says:

    @Carlos Perez: well, audi and vw widely used direct injection (FSI)before bmw came up/copied it.. dual clutch transmissions were used all over the audi/vw lineup before the bmw M3 used/copied it..

    nothing wrong with these things coz we want our cars to improve.. but you were saying audi was copying stuff.. not looking at bmw itself..

    I really like the 35i and 35d engines but..

    Audi SUPERCHARGED V6 is far from a copy of TWIN TURBO STRAIGHT 6..

  19. Carlos Perez says:

    @ferrari fan:
    Actually the first dual clutch transition, were originally developed to be used in a Citroen car, the Porsche and Audi took the concept used, and used in 1985 by Porsche, and in 1986 by Audi.
    So that mean that actually Porsche made the R&D, and for the FSI Mercedes Benz was the first one to introduce a vehicle with straight injection

    but yes there’s some truth in your words,

    P.D: What happe with audi

    aUDI Guy 1: Hey dude BMW is kicking our ass with the 335i.
    aUDI Guy 2: MMMM yes what can we do about it, what about a V8, it easy we can use something already developed by VW
    aUDI Guy 1: MMMM yes 4 sure.
    RS5 Goes Out
    aUDI Guy 1: Man there’s still kicking our ass dude, mmmm man WTF’s up what can we do
    aUDI Guy 2: why don’t we do the same idea in an engine.
    aUDI Guy 1: But if we used a TT i will be to obvious we copy them
    aUDI Guy 2:mmmm then let’s supercharged i mean its the same but they will think we developed.
    aUDI Guy 1:mmmm yes you’re right let’s do that
    Few moths later they announced the S4.

  20. ferrari fan says:

    my point is, bmw getting dual clutch and fsi in their cars somehow “copied audi more” than “audi copying bmw” by supercharging their v6s..

    but of course, in this blog most readers are simply one-sided and would bash on bmw’s rivals.

    now, one guy posted “when was awd considered a true sports car?”
    – Lamborghini LP670-4
    – Lamborghini LP640 and Reventon
    – Lamborghini LP560-4
    – Porsche Turbo
    – Audi R8
    – Nissan GT-R

    All of which would shit on any BMW M car..

    • Horatiu B. says:

      @ferrari fan,

      not at all, as much as I love BMW, I don’t believe the X Ms are useful and it diminishes the Motorsport brand. It’s true that the performance is outstanding, but….

  21. Carlos Perez says:

    @ferrari fan:
    LOL sorry dude, now getting serious
    the think is we actually can’t say anything about the 2 comparatives in question here, not until the RS5 and the S4 come out.
    Know about the sportscars, yea you’re right on your list, but you forgot to mention the Ferrari f430, the corvette, the Veyron, kioenigseg,
    now for the thing about that everyone of them will win a M car, well yes but know the XM twins are the fastest UV, and the M5 is said to be the benchmark of the ports sedan’s, yes the cady won them but is 3 years younger, still the M5is pretty much recognized, and about the M5 some people, serious people of the car industry said that the M5 could even better than a Ferrari, i mean a sedan better than a ferrari i mean that something.
    Know the M car now may not be the best in their categories, but man they accomplish some serious things and many cars can beat them, yes but still there incredible cars.

  22. Carlos Perez says:

    @ferrari fan:
    Sorry didn’t read your comment right i didn’t see the awd, so disregard everything but the first 3 lines of my previous comment.
    sorry my bad

  23. ferrari fan says:

    @horatiu b,
    about bias in this blog..
    i wrote “most readers only”, not editors.. =)

    (maybe a little bit of tone in the titles though..)

  24. Maximus says:

    I’m a reader of this blog. I’m not convinced that BMW is copying Audi by supercharging their v6s. BMW has been into turbo/supercharging since at least the 70’s with the 2002tii. And even if they were copying, they are doing a damn good job. The innovative, award-winning twin-turbocharged engine in the 335i, for example, is more than just a copy job.

    Regarding the sports cars you’ve listed vs. the M cars, I’m not convinced either, because you’re not comparing apples to apples. All those cars are substantially more expensive than for example the M3, and fall more into the supercar category. If one compares the M cars to their peers (e.g. the current RS4 and C63 AMG), everybody knows it is a different story.

    Consider yourself bashed ;-)

  25. Maximus says:

    I misread the who’s copying who bit in your post, so ignore my first paragraph.

  26. J Gomes says:

    I January of 09 I bought an Audi s5, the “s” stands for SLOW! The steering is like mush, the road noise is way too loud, the rear view mirror is of no use, the seat are like old park benches, the windshield wipers are so bad they drag the water back over part of the windshield, I think it’s really powered by two very old chipmunks, the top of the line sound system is almost as nice as my old close and play, the doors close like a 78 pinto! This car is just a VW jetta with pretty led lights! After two months of driving this way overated car, I traded it in for a 2009 M3! You just can’t not compare Audi to BMW, they are two very seperate beast! The BMW M3 has less horsepower, but is still quicker! Every component is of better quality and it shows! The M3 handles better than the the S5 and looks better also. You cant build a car around two pretty led head lights!

  27. lewis benson says:

    Who ever thinks Mercedes is better than BMW or Audi is off their head… All Mercedes do is put in a big engine, quality is awful; no elegance at all. I think that when you’re driving the RS5 you know that it is special without everyone else, just by looking at it, the M3 is more over stated, with bonnet bulges etc. Audi is more practical, everyday car, which is what everyone wants, M3 good on track, but not where you use the car every day.

  28. Headude says:

    As a previous owner of Mercedes, BMW and Audi I can speak from experience. Each is a fine car for what they are. BMW has a beautiful balance to it, espec. as it is rear wheel drive. The Audi Quattro however provides a whole new dimension to the sporting experience on and off the track. You might have to make a change or two to bring any of these cars (M3, S5, RS5, or comparable Mercedes) to a point where the ability and personality of the individual driving it really works with that car. One thing we can do though is also look at the historical record of races won and championships attained; Audi takes that trophy home easily. A few posts on this thread are woefully ignorant of such facts. As for Audi’s quattro system, it is what revolutionized rallying, dominated Pikes Peak hillclimb and other racing venues. Other marques are only now coming to the party with systems that don’t have the proven record of Audi’s engineering. Audi’s 4.2L V8 is a marvel of balance, power and reliability. Despite GOMES comment above, and having driven the S5, as well as my fair share of track time, I cannot fathom how any intelligent person could make such statements. The S5 rocks. I can only imagine what an RS5 will do. On the other hand, I have owned and driven BMW’s that are the closest thing to driving Nirvana, when set up properly. I suppose driving bliss is in the eye (hand and foot) of the driver. Which one is better (M3 or RS5)? Well, since the RS5 isn’t even here yet, the question must remain unsettled. Anything else is verbal masturbation at this point.

    • J. Gomes says:

      Hey headud, yes I mean DUD! I have logged track time in the Z8,M5,M3 and 330Ci and no matter how you slice it, rear wheel drive is KING! The Audi 4.2L v8 is no marvel, I spent over two months driving it, You drove it, I owned it and suffered with a car that had at best moderate pick up and the stearing was also soft, fellt like you were running on four flat tires! I will stand by my comments, the S5 is a over priced Jetta with nice head lights, sure the it looks good standing still, and that’s when it handles best, but when it comes to performance it’s much like your comment’s, it lack any punch! I diidn’t even bring up the electrical problems, which Audi is STILL known for. The S5 does NOT rock, and you must be stoned! I owned the car, you drove it once, that’s how I can make the intelligent comments about the car! A chimp could see the car is a pig, why can’t you, the answer is in the question!

  29. WrongShipmate says:

    The BMW fan boys and their accusations of Audi copying with a supercharger, when bmw uses twin turbos is just plain false. On top of that, the bmw uses their inline and Audi is using a V6, which is what their 6cyls always are. Audi have consistently used turbos, and BMW is just getting back into the turbo game because people, they can’t compete without them. Audi/VW tend to be more innovative, BMW tried to stand by the naturally aspirated inline/v8 thing as long as they could, but they caved!!! And I do agree that RWD does have its awesome attributes, but the quattro is nothing to scoff at. 1 is NOT better than the other, they just have their own driving characteristics that must be mastered by the driver. Pick your machine and master it, but as of now, I give Audi the nod.

  30. S5owner says:

    GOMES…you’re out of you mind, ive owned my S5 since march of 2008 and have never had an electrical problem with it, sure Audi is known for EPC problems, but i havent met a single S5 or A5 owner that has had an electrical problem….the pickup is fantastic, im not sure if you are slow dumb or stupid…but dropping the tiptronic down into sport and taking off is exhilirating….the quattro handeled amazingly on the saw mill parkway in the dead of a snow storm and anyone from westchester NY knows how treacherous that road can be in the winter, let alone a snow storm. the steering…is a little understeer but is amazing…maybe u were driving with 4 flat tires =O becuase ive never had a problem…and yes i know what i am talking about regarding the S5, i have had it for over 2 years and have put 62,000 miles on it.

  31. Did you know in fact,(look at the history) that in the same amount of years, MB and BMW have quadroople the amounts of models apose to Audi. HHmmm.. why is that? Because Audi likes to focus on there cars idiots!

  32. Ohh did i mention, Ive worked for Audi and Bmw. Noone gets closer to the facts. none the less, just drive a MB BMW and Audi.

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