2011 BMW 5 Series – Leaked photo

Spy Photos | February 17th, 2009 by 16
2010 bmw 5 series leaked 2011 BMW 5 Series   Leaked photo

This morning, many BMW forums and websites reported a leaked photo of the F10 BMW 5 Series, next generation model due to launch in 2010. …

2010 bmw 5 series leaked 498x364 2011 BMW 5 Series   Leaked photo

This morning, many BMW forums and websites reported a leaked photo of the F10 BMW 5 Series, next generation model due to launch in 2010. We would like to say from the beginning that we were unable to confirm the authenticity of this photo, but from what we learned in the past, the picture portrays BMW’s next design language.

What we can certainly say is that the leaked front bumper that we posted a while back, matches exactly the one in the photo, and also, the leaked image resembles the 5 Series rendering done by Andy Valencia a few days ago.

The two side creases on the hood enhance the aggressive look that we noticed in the newly released 5 Series GT. The headlights are a combination between the ones in the CS Concept and the current E60 5 Series. As seen on the BMW Z4, the roundel has moved from the hood to the front bumper.

That’s all we have to report for now and we’re sure that in the next few days we will hear more. Also, expect all the German magazines to have new renderings coming out this month.

As a personal opinion, I think the leak came a bit too early, the previous major leak was the E90, but only six months prior to launch.

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  • mpower

    cant wait. !

    looks very aggressive

    the beast in the dark.

  • Gord

    I agree with Horatiu. It is a pretty early leak.

    I like the anger of this car. Wonder what made it so angry ? :D

  • Jag

    much better than the new E. watch out, rivals!

  • dusan

    Me like it!

  • Jordan

    love it! but i believe those lights are actually more of a 7 series, almost direct copy actually. it’s got the eyebrows, angel eyes, but the turn signal is the part makes it look like a direct copy of the 7 series. it’s also very similar to the 3 series facelifted 2009 sedan.

    and yes i do like the new design language that BMW has. no previous design language i thought was excellent through the whole range of cars, but this design language seems to have been applied very well so far and i can bet it will be the most successful design language to date.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=51500531 Andrew Murphy

    This looks great! much more aggressive than the somewhat limp-wristed non-M E60.

    Hopefully they make it!

  • Giom

    I like the fact that there are in fact differences between it and the GT. But boy, is this a nice face for the 5!

  • [;


    it is very very nice ;D

  • I’m studying Calculus

    looks like BATMEN’s autos, notice it BATMEN not BATMAN.LOL

  • Frederico Silva

    I have to admite that i wwas a bit afraid of the new 5series (cause the e60 is one of the bmw most sale in the bmw models) but also i have to say that MB is going down with this new 5 series, BMW continue like that =D

  • Lance

    It does look very aggressive – cannot really see all the lines. But I am a bit dissapointed that the new BMWs are very similar in looks from the front view – looks like the PAS, and new 7! Maybe it is not such a good thing from that perspective. I wonder if this could be a failed version of the new 5 Series, that’s why you have scrap bumpers and design pictures being publsihed.

    If I was BMW’s Product Head, I’d intentionally leak ugly pictures of the new 5 Series (or even just design the ugliest on purpose) and cause a huge stir in the media. Then when launch time comes, uncover a beautiful swan – would be a nice trick!

  • Frederico Silva

    When will be the oficial unveil?

  • Daniel J.

    @Frederico Silva: From what I read here before, Spring 2009.

  • Frederico Silva

    ok, thanks ;) –> Can’t wait =D

  • takis kallis

    whatever car comes out the production line i will buy it. I have been a bmw owner for many years and all i have to say BMW=RELIABILITY.No one bmw has ever let me down