BMW X5 M out in the open?

BMW X5 | December 27th, 2008 by 19
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The folks at GlobalMotors got their hands on some spy photos of what it seems to be the BMW X5 M version. I intentionally said “what …

The folks at GlobalMotors got their hands on some spy photos of what it seems to be the BMW X5 M version. I intentionally said “what it seems” since I am not 100% convinced that we’re looking at the real M version of the X5 SAV, so therefore I was reluctant on running this story.

After a close inspection of these “spy shots” I am convinced that we are just looking at a regular X5 production model equipped with the M Sport Package and an aftermarket exhaust system. But the reason why I am writing this article is to show how hard it will be to differentiate between the real X5 M and a pimped out production model. 

Of course, keeping the ///M badge on the car will help tremendously, but as far as “looks”, many people will be confused, including die hard bimmer fans. The car in these photos is sporting the aggressive bumper from the M Sport Package, so that was the first design element that threw me off at first. 

Here is how the M Sport Package front-end looks like:

2008 bmw x5 m sport package 5 498x357

Now let’s see the spy photos:

x5 m 2 498x429

Identical right?

So, X5 M vs. X5 with M-Sport Package 0-1 so far.

Now let’s see the rear end, probably the part that really threw me off.

X5 M-Sport Package:


Now, the allegedly spied X5 M:


And the “real” X5 M spotted by our friend Palbay recently:


So, the two spy photos show a similar twin exhaust pipes that are integrated into the rear bumper. 

The score so far: BMW X5 M vs. X5 M-Sport Package 1-1.

Moving on, let’s examine now the side of the cars, even though the GlobalMotor’s photos are not that great. We can clearly see in these photos that the famous ///M side vents are missing, while all the recent X5 M spy photos show that area covered with camo, a clear indication of the M side vents existence.

Their spy photo:


Our spy photo:


So another point for X5 with the M-Sport Package, in conclusion the “spy shots” from GlobalMotors are showing us a production model X5 with aftermarket parts and M-Package.

And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, do you recall reading on here that the BMW X5 M will get the X6 headlights? The car in the GlobalMotor’s photos has the regular X5 headlights. 

I hope this article answers your questions, especially those of you that emailed us to ask if this is the “real deal”.

19 responses to “BMW X5 M out in the open?”

  1. adood84 says:

    a couple of thing I thin you forgot to mention were that the X5 M seems to be supporting X6 headlights from the spy pics, I could be wrong on this. from what it looks like that the exhaust tips are actually more to the center in the spy shots than the M sport model, something similar to current M cars . Plus from that big opening in the bumper I don’t think the M version will have front fog lights again similar to current ///M cars (Plus the 135i)

  2. Estonia says:

    It is NO X5 M. Horatiu, you are totally right. New X5 M do not have some foglights and the engine need lot of air, so the front bumper need to have air taking holes. In my opinion the best pic so far is MOTORAUTHORTY preview picture:×673.jpg
    What you thing Horatiu?

  3. Gragop says:

    I know I’m going to sound ridiculous here but read the license plate on the X5 from It reads “P 555.” I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s BMW showing it’s cards on the horsepower before anyone realizes it. Maybe I’m being a bit conspiracy theorist but it sounds like something sneaky BMW would do…that and the truck has now-traditional quad tailpipes

  4. Gragop says:


    In re-reading the article I could be very wrong…just throwing it out there…

  5. adood84 says:

    one thing I forgot to mention was even if BMW did put the X5 M out in the open , they would still cover the badges , they always do this even the car pics were just officially released usually any spy pics around that time frame would have as a minimum the badges covered ;)

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @adood84: :) Read the last line, I wrote about the X6 headlights

  7. Joe says:

    Man I can’t seem to warm up to this X5 M stuff. I hope this is something to call home about.

  8. Luke says:


    thanks for clearing this up. I knew there was something not quite right.

  9. Matksi says:

    I think

    Gives us the best idea of what the front end will look like.

  10. Luke says:

    to Stonia.

    There is no way X5 M would miss the fog lights. I am sure they will be there. Well, at least I want to believe so.

    Not the best rendering. They have just made side vents and bigger air intakes.

  11. adood84 says:

    @Luke: well if its going to follow ///M cars of the current generation it will not have fog lights . fog lights are usleess

  12. miles says:

    those tailpipes are add on’s. that is definitely an M-Sport

  13. Estonia says:

    New X5 M and also X6 M will have only LED daylight stripe, no fog lights.
    To Luke. I think the front bumper is really same as production car, because check the spy photo:
    The air intakes are same as the rendering. The rendering only don’t have LED day lights in the bumper.

  14. Josh B says:

    Great article! The M sports package looks great. I really hope the X5M will look like an M car and have the true preformance of one. ML63 AMG look out! (BTW hate the rendarings i have seen so far of what it may look like.)

  15. bunker says:

    Regardless, I just threw up in my mouth…

  16. Gonzalo says:

    That is the BMW X5 M Sport. I have seen it for real and although it looks nice it is not the real M. It doesn’t have the latel grills neither it has bigger air intakes for the brakes.

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