Video: BMW E92 M3 V8 vs Audi RS4

BMW M3 | November 5th, 2007 by 5

I'm sure most of you have asked yourself this question: which car should I get? Which one will it be faster on a straight line? …

I'm sure most of you have asked yourself this question: which car should I get? Which one will it be faster on a straight line? Honestly, it's a tough decision to choose between the new BMW M3 with the V8 engine and the Audi's response to that: the RS4 powered by a twin turbo engine.

The guys at have decided to have a shoutout between these two amazing cars and the place chosen for this task was an airfield in Sweeden.

Are you already asking yourself who wins? Watch the video and tell me what you think

  • bmwdude

    ya m3 smoked u r ass lol HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA couldnt be happier,
    this is wat BMW wanted and they got theyr wish,hell ya i already knew m3 could do it
    bmw m3s are the best sport cars out there they kick ass
    and BMW is not about to go down and be beaten by AUDI lol please hehe

  • Richard Pask

    Put these cars in real world situations, yunno like roads with bends etc etc and the RS4 does exactly what the old RS4 did to the old M3. I mean, how many of us are going to come across the oposite car on an airfield?

    By the way, if you’re gonna make comments about Audi’s get your facts correct; there are no Turbo’s on the new RS4 as featured in your video.

  • Prosey

    Well i have to say that i was surprised, a little disappointed in fact if i’m honest. I love the RS4 and was really hoping that finally the M3 had met it’s match. I think the quattro system is the reason for the Audi being slightly slower. This could be explained when they accelerate off the line, the RS4 being quicker due to it being 4wd but then this added friction sapping power as the M3 soon catches up and passes it.
    It would be interesting to see how things would have panned out if the E92 M3 had been realeased before the RS4? Knowing what one is up against is a massive advantage!

  • Javs

    I have owned an RS4 and now have a E92 M3 and can state that the M3 is quicker and handles better through corners. Top Gear in the UK tracked the new M3 against the RS4 and the Mercedes C63 and the M3 was around 5 secs quicker than the RS4 and 4 seconds quicker than the C63 aroundthe track. I think those figures speak for themselves in terms of agility.

  • v8fanatic

    For Being around so long and having been proven in the past the m3 should have spanked the Rs4. The rookie model rs4, being its first time in production came very close to beating the veteran m3. just wait till 2012 rs4 comes out and jizzes all over the bimmers face