E90 3 Series

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Which BMWs are the Most Reliable?

rIn the ’70s and ’80s, German cars built a reputation for being incredibly well-made. Mercedes-Benz and BMW had the biggest impact on such reputation, as both brands built wildly over-engineered cars that seemed miles ahead…

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Which BMW LCI Facelift had the Biggest Impact for You?

BMW isn’t unique with its mid-cycle facelifts (“LCI” in BMW-speak); every car company on the planet gives each of its models a refresh halfway through their life-cycles. The reason for such facelifts isn’t to make…

Buyer’s Guide: E90 3 Series

BMW 3 Series Sedan Production end in October 2011

BMW announced today that production for the BMW 3 Series Sedan ends in October 2011. The only 3er diesel available in the U.S., the 335d, will also production in August. BMW is preparing for the…