E30 3 Series

Video: Turbo BMW E30 3 Series Is More than the Sum of Its Parts

VIDEO: BMW E30 w/ S54 E46 M3 engine

Let me start off by saying that I don’t particularly like engine swaps in cars. I feel as if you lose the entire soul of the car when you take its engine out and replace…

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Best Track Day BMW

When you read car magazines or websites that review cars, measurements like 0-60mph times, lateral g-forces, figure-eight course times and quarter mile times all seem to be the standards to which we measure cars by….

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Why the E30’s True Successor is a Toyota

The iconic BMW E30 has now been debated, glorified, worshiped and written about ad nauseum. If you haven’t owned an E30, and you’ve never had the chance to drive one, all of this fuss over…

Underground BMW E30: Short Film

Max Daines, a cinematographer and a BMW fan, has put together a short film of the BMW E30 3 Series. Featuring two E30 models, the clip takes us closer to the E30, one of BMW’s…

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The E30 build from Romania

Article by Ciprian Mihai Three years ago in 2010, I purchased my 1989 E30 316i in Alpine Weiss, and immediately fell in love with it. As most BMW fans know, these early 3-series are lightweight…