2018 BMW M550d sedan test drive 28 830x553

Diesel: BMW not suspected of intentional foul

It was a raid that the people at BMW had never experienced: on March 20, German prosecutors and police officers suddenly stood in front of the doors of the corporate headquarters in Munich and the…

Steptronic 8-speed Gearbox Now Standard on Additional BMW Models

BMW quad turbo diesel 750x500

Munich Considers Diesel Ban to Tackle Pollution

Is the end of diesels near? According to Bloomberg and New York Times, City of Munich is considering a ban on diesel vehicles amid “shocking” nitrogen oxide emissions in the Bavarian capital. “As much as…

BMW diesels to stay in US as long as demand remains

Diesels haven’t been wildly popular in America in a very long time. Images to soot-covered cars still exist in the minds of older Americans and younger Americans are more into what’s eco-friendly and hemp t-shirts….