BMW M8 Gran Coupe

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Video: BMW M8 Gran Coupe Official Launch Film

With the cat finally out of the bag, BMW is now clear to start promoting its latest M model, the BMW M8 Gran Coupe. Unveiled earlier today, the new 4-door coupe is a stunner. Arguably,…

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VIDEO: We check out the BMW M8 Gran Coupe in person

The all-new BMW M8 Gran Coupe is finally here and it’s probably the most exciting Bavarian product on the market, depending on who you ask. Though, it’s hard to argue with its seduction shape, angry…

Photo Comparison: BMW M8 Gran Coupe vs Audi RS7 Sportback

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BMW M8 Already Rendered in Gran Coupe Guise

The new BMW M8 models are out and people are already very impressed with their looks. In both Coupe and Convertible guise, either Competition or non-Competition versions are head-turners on the streets. They also come…