BMW History

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Watch How the BMW 3-Series Evolved Over 40 Years

This video from Donut Media follows the evolution of the BMW 3 Series, from the E21-chassis 1975 316  and the E30 M3 to the F80-chassis 2015 M3. Over its lengthy existence, BMW 3 Series has…

Expansion: History of BMW – Part 3

On the southeast edge of Eisenach, Germany, there is a steep hill. On top of that hill sits a fortification, a castle. It is not one of those popular fairy tale castles like Neuschwanstein in…

Intermezzo – Chapter Two of a History of BMW

In May of 1922 the restrictions on aircraft engine production, imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, was lifted. Possibly this serves as one of the reasons BMW’s secretive benefactor, Camillo Castiglioni, went to the trouble…

BMW: A Company On The Edge – TIME Magazine


BMW History: BMW X5 Le Mans

In 2000, hot on the heels of BMW’s 1999 victory at Le Mans, BMW decided to celebrate by creating a monster — The BMW X5 Le Mans.

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BMW’s Job Is Getting Harder

BMW — A company built on the premise of creating the most engaging driving experience possible through innovation and technology. That may sound like the marketing pitch for every auto maker in the business, but…

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40 years of the BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series was launched 40 years ago to replace the already legendary BMW 02, and is now set to enter its sixth generation

Five Cars BMW Should Revive With Modern Lines

The idea of resurrecting an older car by simply adding modern lines and performance is quite tempting these days. Toyota is thinking about reviving the Supra, Acura has just re-launched the NSX and even BMW…

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BMW History: E39 M5

The E39 M5 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1998 and has won over the hearts of enthusiasts ever since

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BMW History: E38 7 Series

When BMW debuted the E38 7 Series back in 1995, it was more of an evolution than revolution of the previous 7 Series. It was a striking looking car, for the time, with its low,…