bmw 5 series GT

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BMW 5 Series GT Wins Ward’s Interior Award

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has won the 2010 Ward’s Auto Interior of the Year award for Design Versatility. This unique automobile was designed to expand on the original gran turismo concept, which was…

Wallpapers: F11 5 Series Touring next to the F10 5er Sedan

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World Premiere: BMW 5 series GT by AC Schnitzer

Comfort meets Power: Grand Tour with the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer “Gran Turismo“ means “Grand Tour”, and this is the principle behind the 5-series GT by AC Schnitzer. Driving comfort and performance at the…

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Column: The Zaftig GT

There seem to be multiple definitions of the term, Gran Tourismo Turismo . How else could such disparate vehicles like a Mustang GT, Bentley Continental GT, Nissan GT-R, Ferrari 599 GTB, Pontiac GTO and the…

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2010 BMW 5-Series GT tuned by Hartge

The German tuning company Hartge is well known for their BMW tuning jobs and today, they reveal a new customization program for the 2010 BMW 5 Series GT. The Hartge 5 Series GT comes with…

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Frankfurt Auto Show: BMW 5 Series GT

Another highly awaited debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, was the new BMW 5 Series GT. We’ve mentioned in the past few months that the 5 GT is one of the most controversial vehicles built…