BMW 4 Series

BMWFanatics 2015 JSN Divio 12 750x500

Photos gallery from a BMW event in South Africa

While it’s cold and snowy in most Northern parts of the world, our friends from South Africa are enjoying a nice batch of summer weather. This is the perfect opportunity to hold a BMW themed…

Estoril Blue BMW 435i Build 1 750x500

The Ultimate Build: Estoril Blue BMW 435i

Choosing Estoril Blue for your brand-new BMW 4 Series is a great way to stand out. The owner of this BMW 435i decided to further customize his 435i Coupe giving it a more aggressive and appealing…

Alpine White BMW 4 Series With Vossen VFS2 Wheels 3 750x500

Alpine White BMW 435i With Vossen VFS2 Wheels

This build will come as a shocker for anyone that likes to see their BMW’s pure and stock. The car features a completely lowered suspension, thanks to an airride installed. Alongside the extreme lowering, the…

ATK 4829 copy 750x500

Vorsteiner BMW F32 4 Series Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler

Vorsteiner has released another carbon fiber aero addition for the popular BMW F32 4 Series Coupe. It features a lightweight carbon fiber construction, utilizing the Vorsteiner Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber structure. This engineering procedure allows…

BMW 3 Series was America’s top-selling premium brand vehicle in 2014