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BMW in no Rush to Develop its Own Battery Cells

BMW was one of the first premium brands to develop its own electric powertrains. Considering that “Motor” is literally in the brand’s name, it only makes sense that BMW would want its own electric motors….

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BMW has battery contracts totaling more than $24 billion

BMW’s electric offensive is just getting started. And to achieve their sales goals, the Munich-based automaker needs a significant amount of battery cells. Currently BMW uses cells from multiple manufacturers, including Contemporary Amperex Technology, EVE…

BMW Plant Regensburg to produce electric drive components from 2021

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BMW UK unveils mobile EV charging unit using old batteries

One of the big questions people have about the ‘eco friendly’ character of electric vehicles revolves around the batteries they use. As you may know, batteries aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly products out there and…

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BMW will supply their i3 battery packs to Motiv Power Systems

BMW will supply their i3 battery packs to Motiv Power Systems, who will integrate them into their Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (EPIC) for commercial vehicles. The contract involves the latest BMW i3 batteries, which now…