Augmented Reality

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Munich Pilot Plant to use augmented reality in prototyping

The Munich Pilot Plant is using a new augmented reality (AR) application in vehicle concept and prototype engineering. The unique approach to prototyping will speed up the process by as much as twelve months, from…

BMW Technicians Now Have Augmented Reality Smart Glasses to Rely on

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VIDEO: How can BMW’s Head-Up Display support driving?

Head-Up display technology has been present in automobiles for quite some time now. Even late ’80s, early ’90s Corvettes had Head-Up displays. They were rudimentary at best and were difficult to read properly while moving…

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Video: BMW Head-Up Display – Simulation Augmented Reality

Last week, BMW revealed information on their next generation Head-Up Display. First released in 2004, the Head-Up Display from BMW was the first system to use a color projector which provided driving-related information directly in…