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Classic Comparo: E36 BMW M3 vs competitors of the time

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Photo & Spec Comparison: BMW 340i vs Audi S4

Audi has just recently released the details of its S4 and S4 Avant, which will be hitting European showrooms this summer. With the S4’s release, the BMW 340i will have a new competitor to deal…

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2015 BMW 340i vs. 2016 Audi S4 – Comparison

The BMW 340i, which has recently replaced the 335i, has some seriously stiff competition at the moment. The Jaguar XE S and Mercedes-Benz C400 have come along, threatening the BMW 3 Series’ crown in rapid…

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Top Five Cars at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was a whirlwind of fascinating new cars and technologies. A lot of which we were already expecting, like the new BMW 7 Series and Audi e-tron Quattro Concept. But there…

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2015 BMW 340i vs 2016 Audi S4

Recent driving impressions have just come out for the upcoming BMW 340i. For the 2015 model year, the F30 3 Series gets a refresh, known as an LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) in BMW speak. The…