BMW Z3 M Coupe 750x500

BMW Z3 M Coupe: The Perfect Shoe?

Airline pilot Alex McCulloch is a great judge of what it means to travel quickly and effortlessly through the air, and so his choice of a BMW M Coupe is telling. Petrolicious sat down with…

The beautiful BMW Z3 Roadster – Photoshoot

The folks at Car-Shooters decided to do a short outing on the hills of Versilia, Tuscany, and for this occasion they used a very fast and fascinating spider. The protagonist of today is not a classic…

bmw z3 m coupe 750x500

BMW History: BMW Z3 M Coupe

BMW Z3 M Coupe – BMW’s clown shoe is one of the best older Bimmers to buy. The only real drawback is the price

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Photo Gallery: 2012 ZFest

At the 2012 ZFest, Z-car owners from around the U.S. and Canada came to Greenville, South Carolina, for the largest gathering of BMW Z owners in North America. The ZFest has rotated to other towns…