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Five Best BMW Lights Designs

Up until recently, BMW has been generally considered as one of the few auto manufacturers with consistently good designs. Detractors will claim this is due to very small, incremental changes through the years. I disagree;…

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2023 BMW X7 Gets a Trailer Assist Mode – Demo

One of the exclusive features for the 2023 BMW X7 is the addition of a new Trailer Assist Mode. The new function will tremendously help with the parking maneuver of a boat or trailer which…

Should BMW Consider an F1 Entry Now That Audi Joined the Sport?

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Here Are Five Must-Have Accessories For Your BMW

For many customers, their BMW is like a second home. They use it to commute to work every day, take their kids to school, do their grocery shopping; sometimes customers can spend half of their…

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BMW eBoost and Mild-Hybrids Explained

Since around 2019, BMW has joined other automakers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz in marketing some of their vehicles as “mild-hybrids”. A mild-hybrid is a vehicle that uses some sort of electric aid parallel to the…