The BMW X3 SUV enters its fourth generation with a fresh coat of paint, newly hybridized engines, and so much more. With more power, efficiency, and powertrain options than ever, it’s an exciting time to shop for an X3. The third generation (G01) X3 was a fan and journalist favorite – here’s how the 2025 BMW X3 (G45) compares at a glance.

Exterior Design

While the grille, lights, hood, and front apron are all pretty drastic departures from the old vehicle, the scale stays familiar. A new grille design blending diagonal and vertical slats is an all-new look for the brand. A side view of the vehicle shows an even more evolutionary design, with more prominently flared arches around the wheels and a “stretched” look that almost resembles the coupe models like the new BMW X2. New alloy wheel choices are available, too.

The rear end is where things start looking massively different. The G45 X3 gets lights inspired from the 5 Series and other modern BMWs, giving them a more angular look than the rounded ones in the G01. Hidden tailpipes – for all models – and a new diffusor give the SUV a more modern (if slightly less sporting) look.

The new X3 looks its most aggressive when equipped with the M Sport Package or M Sport Package Pro. You’ll get 20- or 21-inch wheels, blacked-out grilles, and more aggressive bodywork. Pro adds painted brake calipers, Shadowline lights, and other aesthetic goodies. No matter how you order your 2025 BMW X3, there’s no confusing it for the old model. The grille and lighting elements do most of the heavy lifting, but the design is clearly newer, mirroring changes to the 5 Series and 1 Series.

Interior Design

Inside, the 2025 BMW X3 shines much brighter than the 2024 models – literally and figuratively. The curved display finally makes its way into the X3’s cabin, and that does a lot to freshen up the overall feel. New trim pieces and a serious ambient lighting overhaul further futurize the cabin. The new squared-off steering wheel and tiny shifter give the design consistency with other models in the lineup.

The standard X3’s interior is also completely leather-free, and optional Veganza/Alcantara upholstery is a welcome addition. With ever-so-slightly more cargo space and a drastic aesthetic and material overhaul, the G45 interior is a tremendous step up.


While performance junkies will opt for the X3 M50 xDrive (also available at launch), there’s some good elsewhere in the lineup. Particularly in X3 30e xDrive. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder teams up with a battery and motor system to provide drivers with 299 horsepower (220 kW) and 332 pound-feet (450 Nm) of torque. BMW says the car can go 50-56 miles (81-90 kilometers) on a full charge – exceeding even the impressive X5 xDrive50e in terms of electric range.

The rest of the lineup has similarly good news: more power for all models and mild hybrid 48-volt hybrid integration across the board. The eight-speed automatic transmission remains the same as last year’s, although paddle shifters are now standard equipment. The same goes for xDrive all-wheel drive. The new car will handle better than the old one, too, thanks to increased chassis rigidity and a 45-mm wider rear track. Overall, the new X3 outperforms the old one – handily.


The curved display finally debuts in the X3—and with it, we see iDrive 9 for the first time. BMW says the big improvements include increased variety in digital content, shorter update cycles, and improved accessibility to the ConnectedDrive Store. Optional BMW Digital Premium allows music to be streamed via apps like Spotify, in-car gaming, video streaming, and more. The My BMW app gets some added functionality, too, like allowing you to lock and unlock the vehicle simply based on proximity.

Aside from all the information and entertainment improvements, the new X3 also gets plenty of new driver assistance features. Self-parking is standard now as part of the Parking Assistant, and you can still opt for Surround View if desired. You can even park via smartphone – a first for the X3. The 2025 BMW X3 is a lot smarter than the old one.

We’re sure readers and enthusiasts will have a lot to say about the revised kidney grille design. But what else stands out? Overall, we think it’s a giant step forward—iDrive 7 was definitely aging the driving experience, and the new designs are welcome. How do you feel about the changes inside the BMW X3?