After giving us a closer look at the new 3-Door Hatch with a combustion engine, MINI Greece is showing off its electric cousin. While the gas model was a hotter S variant, this is a base E model instead of the feisty SE. Mind you, the two cars may look similar but they’re based on different platforms and built more than 5,500 miles apart.

The gas-fueled Cooper is assembled at home in Oxford whereas the EV rolls off the line in Zhangjiagang, a city in China’s Jiangsu Province. MINI has assigned the gas and electric models different codenames, F66 and J01, respectively. The BMW-owned brand intends to manufacture the zero-emission model in the UK as well but production won’t start until 2026. Meanwhile, the Cooper E and SE will be exported from China to Greece and all other markers where MINI intends to sell the electric model. North America isn’t on that list.

This stylish hatchback is finished in Blazing Blue with contrasting white paint for the roof and side mirror caps. Those 17-inch “Parallel” wheels are not the smallest nor the largest available. The base model sticks to 16-inch alloys while superior trims can be equipped with an 18-inch set. As before, the EV comes strictly as a 3-Door, with no plans for a more practical 5-Door model.

As daring as the exterior may be, wait until you hop inside the cabin. MINI Greece showcases the Cooper E with a light gray and blue upholstery. The seats are wrapped in a combination of fabric and Vescin, which is marketing jargon for synthetic leather made from recycled materials. The BMW-owned brand has pledged to stop using real leather in its new models. Vescin is to MINI what Veganza is to BMW.

Not having an instrument cluster will take some time to get used to. The silver lining is MINI still offers a head-up display. In addition, the large OLED hasn’t swallowed all physical controls since there are a handful of traditional buttons left. Whether it’s the 3-Door Hatch, Aceman, or Countryman, the interior takes this minimalist approach. It should be the same story with the 5-Door Hatch and Convertible arriving this year.

Source: BMW Greece