Blurring the line between reality and fiction, this BMW 03 Coupe could easily pass off as something from Munich. However, the German luxury brand had nothing to do with this digital design exercise. Penned by talented artist Lukas Wenzhöfer, this imaginary model was conceived as a dedicated M car. It illustrates a dedicated electric sports car with a desirable retro-modern look.

The front grille takes after the kidneys BMW gave to the ultra-rare 3.0 CSL but here they’re flanked by ultra-slim LED headlights. The absence of an exhaust system denotes we’re dealing with an EV, as do the short front overhang and smaller air intakes. We’re particularly fond of the stealthy black 03 Coupe but the design lines pop better with that mustard-like color. The daring shade reminds us of BMW’s own 2015 3.0 CSL Hommage concept.

BMW 03 Coupe rendering by Lukas Wenzhöfer

Lukas imagined the BMW 03 Coupe with roughly the same dimensions as the previous-generation M2 (F87). The photorealistic design exercise proposes a smooth profile with flush door handles and bulging wheel arches. Of course, the familiar Hofmeister kink is there. At the rear, a light bar gives the illusion of a wider car. The ducktail spoiler reminiscent of the M3 E46 CSL is a nice touch.

The hypothetical M gives us the impression of a 2002 Coupe revival for the electric era, designed right down to the smallest details. It even has front parking sensors, wipers, and a license plate, making it (virtually) ready to reach a BMW dealer near you. Sadly, it remains just a compelling rendering.

The first full-fat M EV won’t be a two-door coupe since an M3-like electric sedan has already been confirmed. As to when we’ll see an electric M coupe, it likely won’t happen this decade. Why? Because we’re hearing the M2 G87 is sticking around until 2029, so there probably won’t be an electric performance compact for many years from now.

Source: Lukas Wenzhöfer / Instagram