We’ve already learned that BMW had record deliveries in the first quarter of the year, but how did it get there? The 2.5% jump in demand to 530,933 cars is detailed in a sales chart. Annoyingly, the German luxury brand still doesn’t break down sales for each model. Instead, it bundles the 1 Series with the 2 Series, the 3er with the 4er, and so on.

Nevertheless, the table below shows us what worked in the first three months of 2024. As expected, the biggest jump percentage-wise was for the X1/X2. The small crossovers rose by 19.9% to 80,863 units. It’s mostly thanks to the X1/iX1 since the X2/iX2 had its market launch later in March.

The 7 Series/8 Series was up by 19.3% to 15,136 cars, likely with the 7er and its electric i7 counterpart doing all the heavy lifting. The 8er is reportedly approaching the end of its life cycle, with production possibly ending in October 2025 for some versions. The rest of them could bow out in June 2026. The second-generation model never really caught on but might return late this decade as an electric 8 Series Gran Coupe.

Excluding the i3/i8 anomaly, the 5 Series/6 Series suffered the biggest loss compared to Q1 2023. That’s understandable considering the switch from the G30 to the G60. When generations change, there’s usually a production slowdown until the new model arrives. Another factor that contributed to the drop in sales is the partial retirement of the oddball G32 Gran Turismo. It’s no longer sold in Europe, although it continues in India where it’s locally produced.

Hopefully, demand for the Z4 will pick up in the remaining three quarters of the year. It could benefit from a hike in popularity now that the M40i with a manual gearbox is finally out. In Q1, the roadster was down by 12% compared to the same period of 2023. Much like the 8 Series we mentioned, the droptop G29 doesn’t seem to have a bright future. Production could end in March 2026.

Meanwhile, several important product launches are planned for this year. The new X3 (G45) is coming in June, complete with an M50 hot version. The luxury crossover will be followed by the next-gen 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe. We’ll also see the M5 Sedan and Touring models before the end of 2024.

Source: BMW