Some YouTubers tend to stretch their video series about a restoration project for months. That’s not the case with Davide Cironi and his BMW E9. After releasing a 47-minute video last week about buying the unloved 3.0 CSi and beginning to work on the stunning coupe, part two is now out. It’s even longer, at 50 minutes, and shows how the car was put back together, piece by piece.

The car was completely stripped down and went through a nut-and-bolt restoration, leaving no stone unturned. One of the main priorities was to keep the 3.0 CSi as original as possible to echo the car that rolled off the assembly line back in 1972. Having been neglected for nearly 20 years, this E9 was basically a rust bucket but that’s not the case anymore after being meticulously restored inside and out.

This two-part documentary gives us an idea of the amount of work, time, and money that goes into a complete restoration of a car that was built more than half a century ago. Going with the E9 was an excellent choice since the luxury grand tourer is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful BMWs ever. This particular example also sounds positively glorious thanks to the Supersprint exhaust.

It’s worth noting that BMW Classic still makes some parts for the 3.0 CSi along with other models from the E9 series, which was sold from 1968 until 1975 when it made way for the original 6 Series (E24). It’s always a joy seeing a desirable car, BMW or not, being brought back to life when many people would’ve simply scrapped it. Rather than ending in a junkyard, the sports coupe runs and drives again, all while looking great.

The last part of the video shows Davide Cironi driving the reborn E9 on the Ispica-Modica highway that had yet to be opened to the public when the film was shot. That section is nearly 12 kilometers (seven and a half miles) long, making it ideal to break in the freshly resurrected Bavarian GT. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the headliner is missing – that’s because the project had not been finalized on the day of filming. It still needed some finishing touches, some two and a half years since work started on revitalizing the posh cruiser.

Source: Davide Cironi Drive Experience / YouTube