The most beautiful car in the world? Many argue it’s the Lamborghini Miura while others say it’s the Jaguar E-Type or the Mercedes 300 SL “Gullwing.” Some BMW fans believe it’s the E9, and this 3.0 CSi is the most attractive of them all if we were to exclude the CSL “Batmobile.” This gorgeous coupe built in 1972 has certainly seen better days since it’s been left to rot for nearly two decades.

Previously owned by a veterinarian from Reggio Emilia, a city in northern Italy, the BMW 3.0 CSi changed hands in the early 1990s. It’s been gathering dust (and especially rust) in the last 16-17 years because the owner couldn’t find replacement parts for two brake discs and calipers. It’s a real shame since otherwise, the car was said to be in perfect condition. That’s obviously not the case anymore since it desperately needs TLC.

Thankfully, Davide Cironi has bought it and is restoring this unloved E9 to its former glory for the “From the Barn to the Track” series on his YouTube channel. It’s been devoured by rust over the years, so getting the car back into shape is going to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Despite the hurdles, Davide’s team is up to the task, and the car will hit the road again one day.

Many parts can’t be repaired and must be replaced altogether, with most components to be sourced from Germany. You can see a van chock-full of parts at one point in the video. The team behind the project is not cutting any corners since this is an engine-out, nuts-and-bolt restoration with parts purchased straight from BMW. This is believed to be one of the only 2,999 3.0 CSi units produced in 1972. Back in the day, its inline-six engine made 200 hp.

The blue interior is in even worse shape and must be heavily rebuilt after water infiltrations took their toll on the upholstery and trim pieces. The team working on revitalizing the 3.0 CSi is not discouraged by the amount of work involved and neither is the owner by the necessary budget. Although 47 minutes long, this video is only part one, with at least one sequel planned to show this classic BMW being reborn again after being dormant for many years.

Source: Davide Cironi Drive Experience / YouTube