Consumer Reports has once again put BMW at the pinnacle of its annual Brand Report Card rankings for 2024, marking a significant achievement for the German automaker. This distinction makes BMW the first brand to win the top spot back-to-back since 2017, solidifying its reputation as a luxury brand that consistently delivers satisfaction to its owners. This is a remarkable feat in CR’s rankings, where overall satisfaction encompasses various critical factors.

Second Year In A Row For BMW

The Brand Report Card rankings by Consumer Reports are highly anticipated each year, as they offer a comprehensive evaluation based on average overall scores. These scores are a combination of road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety criteria for all tested models from each automaker. For the 2024 rankings, Consumer Reports tested 34 brands and emphasized that to qualify for a ranking, they must have tested at least two models from the automaker. BMW’s dominance in the rankings was further underscored by the performance of the BMW X5 xDrive50e plug-in hybrid SUV, a vehicle that offers a great balance between luxury, efficiency and driving dynamics.

BMW with 82 points was followed by Subaru (80 points)  and Porsche with 80 as well. Both Porsche and Cadillac moved up 10 positions this year due to their improved reliability. The bottom of the top 10 includes Kia, Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai. At the middle of the pack, Consumer Reports included BMW Group’s fun brand – MINI with 78 points. Notably, Tesla (18th place) saw a slight decline, dropping a spot, despite improvements in reliability. BMW’s traditional competitors sit at 29 (Mercedes-Benz) and 12 (Audi). The bottom of the rankings painted a different picture, with Jeep being labeled the worst brand, followed by Land Rover, Jaguar, GMC, and Rivian.

Electrified vehicles made a significant impact in Consumer Reports’ rankings this year, with seven out of the top ten spots in the recommended vehicles list being electrified models.

The ten best brands for 2024:

  1. BMW: 82
  2. Subaru: 80
  3. Porsche: 80
  4. Honda: 78
  5. Lexus: 78
  6. Mini: 78
  7. Kia: 77
  8. Mazda: 77
  9. Toyota: 77
  10. Hyundai: 76