From top to bottom, front to rear, inside and out, the 2025 MINI Countryman is an entirely different crossover compared to its predecessor. Now built by BMW in Germany rather than by the VDL Nedcar company in The Netherlands, the third-generation model is entirely new. We’re in Portugal to shoot the “U25” in its first-ever electric flavor with its snazzy 20-inch wheels.

Yes, the new Countryman can be had with 20-inch alloys. It’s a two-tone set suitably named “Windmill” and is the priciest of the bunch, at €1,650 in Germany. The version MINI invited us to photograph was built in the Favoured Trim – the second-most expensive one by slotting below the John Cooper Works Trim.

Much larger than the model it replaced, the revamped Countryman stretches 4433 mm (174.5 in) long, 1843 mm (72.6 in) wide, and 1656 mm (65.2 in) tall. This demo car we shot in Cascais comes painted in blue contrasted with the silver roof and side mirror caps. Inside, MINI opted for the classy Vescin Vintage Brown upholstery but you can also have the seats finished in Dark Petrol or Beige.

This purely electric model supersedes the plug-in hybrid variant that MINI offered for the old “F60” generation. There’s no PHEV model this time around, with the EV being offered alongside combustion engines. The Oxford-based marque still has a diesel engine (Countryman D) together with three gasoline models: Countryman C, S ALL4, and JCW ALL4.

This zero-emission Countryman SE ALL4 is a dual-motor version with all-wheel drive but you can stick to a cheaper E model with a single motor and front-wheel drive. Essentially, the EV model is a more youthful take on the BMW iX1 with a bit more personality. The new Countryman is the last generation to come with combustion engines since MINI has pledged to go entirely electric around 2030.

The “U25” also has the highly customizable 9.4-inch OLED circular touchscreen you’ll find in the new 3-Door hatchback (“F66”) that debuted this week. It’s also in the China-made electric hatch and will be installed in the upcoming 5-Door hatch and the Aceman – MINI’s first electric-only model.