BMW is certainly not wasting any time since the freshly released 2025 4 Series has already been bombarded with M Performance Parts. Shown here is the M440i coupe but these extra bits are also compatible with the convertible as well as lesser versions of both body styles. If we were to pick just one item to highlight, it would have to be the carbon fiber ornamental grille. However, the list of M Performance Parts is extensive.

Plenty Of Carbon Fiber Parts

Aside from the usual M Sport Package, M Sport Package Pro, and the M Carbon Exterior Package installed from the factory, there are a bunch of retrofitted accessories to choose from. For example, you can opt for side sill attachments made from carbon fiber, which is also used for the rear diffuser, exhaust finisher, and even the fuel cap. Customers willing to go all out can also get Frozen Black body decals, a tow strap, and an aramid antenna.

A Sportier Interior

But wait, there’s more. The interior of a fully loaded 4 Series Coupe/Convertible will have the armrest and knee pads covered in Alcantara. Stainless steel will adorn the pedals (including the footrest) while the floor mats are going to be different as well. The back of the front seats along with the key case use a combination of carbon fiber and Alcantara.

If money is no object, BMW will also sell you everything from door lock pins and tire bags with M Performance branding. There’s more of that carbon fiber to be found inside for the trim used throughout the cabin. However, going overboard with M Performance Parts will bring a 4 Series Coupe dangerously close to the asking price of an M4. In fact, an M440i chock-full of these extras is likely going to cost more than a base M4. These M Performance Parts are not all just for show since the catalog includes 18-inch front and 17-inch brake discs and a silencer for the US-spec models. BMW will have these goodies available when the 2025 4 Series hits the market in March.

Source: BMW