Back in 2000, during the E46 era, BMW crafted an M3 Touring but chose to keep it under wraps for 16 years. The public reveal finally occurred in 2016. However, it wasn’t until 2022 that the M division commenced selling an M3 wagon with the introduction of the G81. Should you prefer a long-roof M3 from the E46 generation, several custom shops are willing to turn your dream into reality.

Based in Dubai, Slick Custom Auto has brought forth an unofficial M3 Touring E46 by seamlessly merging a 325i wagon and an M3 coupe from the same generation. The skilled technicians transplanted the S54 engine and suspension from the sports coupe into the family estate car. While the standard wagon donor came with an automatic transmission, the project car received a manual gearbox – mirroring the setup of the original M3 E46 Touring built by BMW.

Every detail counts in the transformation of the modest 325i Touring into a fully fledged M3 Touring. The side mirrors, rear reinforcement, side skirts, seats, steering wheel, and most other components were sourced from the M3 and meticulously integrated into the 325i Touring. To accommodate the M3’s muffler, the tuners had to adjust the floor. In addition, the front bumper underwent modifications to replicate the distinctive look of the rare M3 CSL.

Customization extended to the front fenders, hood, and bumper, all tailored to seamlessly fit the body and create the optical illusion of an authentic M3 E46 Touring. This looks like something that BMW would build since it’s a faithful replica of the one-off that came painted in Chrome Shadow metallic. Slick Custom Auto decided to go for a more eye-catching blue shade, and eagle-eyed readers will notice it’s missing the headlight washers while the wheels are different. Another subtle difference is the blacked-out grille. On the original car, the kidneys had the classic chrome finish.

It may not be a carbon copy of the real thing but it’s a faithful tribute to the one-of-a-kind performance wagon.

Source: Slick Custom Auto