£300,000 can buy you a brand-new Rolls-Royce these days, but it’s just enough to own this license plate. Granted, it’s far from being an ordinary registration plate since it was used on the Phantom III featured in James Bond’s Goldfinger film from 1964. It’s currently up for grabs if you’re willing to pay the equivalent of $376,000 at current exchange rates, which frankly seems ludicrous. However, it’s a bargain compared to the “P7” plate sold earlier this year at a charity auction for a whopping $15 million.

There are no age restrictions associated with the license plate, which means you can buy it for any car. The eye-watering amount includes value-added tax (VAT) and the transfer fee, although the exorbitant price tag is still hard to swallow. It remains to be seen whether someone will fork out this kind of money for the Bond-themed plate featuring the chemical symbol for gold (AU).

According to the license plate’s seller, Primo Registrations, buying “AU 1” could turn out to be a profitable investment. The last time it changed hands, the plate sold for a lot less, although that doesn’t necessarily mean its value will continue to increase. It could happen seeing as how shorter plates are becoming more and more desirable.

We should point out that in the novel Goldfinger published by Ian Fleming in 1959, the villain actually drove a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost instead of a Phantom. That doesn’t make the movie car any less special, and now you can own a piece of film history by grabbing the license plate. Having “AU 1” on sale now isn’t random since it coincides with the launch of the Amazon Prime show “007: Road to a Million” this month.

As for the James Bond franchise, the 26th movie of the series has yet to be announced but we already know Daniel Craig is going to be replaced. The process for picking a new lead actor hasn’t even started, so the next film is unlikely to come out sooner than 2026.

Source: Primo Registrations