At the 2023 CES, BMW showcased their first concept of the Neue Klasse, called the i Vision Dee. The futuristic concept offered a glimpse into their new design direction. In the meantime, BMW confirmed that they will release more details and previews of the car at this years IAA in Munich. Before the official unveiling of the Neue Klasse concept, rendering artists like Nicolás Cavero (@futurecarsnow) took the initiative to create renderings that provide a glimpse into the potential design of the Neue Klasse. But as always, keep in mind that the actual production series car could look very different than these independently created renderings.

BMW’s Neue Klasse Concept Will Offer A Glimpse Into the Future

As with all Vision BMW cars, the design of the i Vision Dee concept will heavily influence the future production model. One noticeable feature is the new kidney grille, covered in glass and extending across the entire width of the car. It serves as the housing for the complete lighting system, including an iteration of the iconic angel eyes. Positioned between the kidneys, there is a deeper indent into the bonnet compared to the latest 4 and 5 Series. Taking a closer look at the front end, we can see that this Neue Klasse rendering has integrated production-ready elements. These include a protruding bumper with a modest air intake and the customary array of sensors.

As we move around the car, the front overhang are shorter than what we typically see in the 3 Series. The side view reflects a minimalist approach that combines futuristic elements with the classic sedan aesthetics of the brand. Clean and sharp horizontal lines harmonize with a more prominent 3-box roof line, highlighting the comfort and elegance associated with a 3 Series. The classic Hoffmeister kink is also present, although the rendering does not show the digital display from the i Vision Dee.

Other notable details from the side view include a black panel beneath the window frame, flush door handles, and sleek mirrors that may function as cameras. At the rear, an eye-catching design element emerges. The new disruptive design features a split horizontal black panel that mirrors the front kidneys in a unique and unprecedented manner. The taillights, resembling the new angel eyes, deviate from the typical ‘L’ shaped LEDs we are accustomed to.

Unlike the concept car, the rendering includes a dedicated space for the license plate beneath the BMW logo. Furthermore, the protruding rear bumper resembles the one seen on the i4 and features blue accents, signifying its ‘i’ model identity. This Neue Klasse rendering also showcases wheels inspired by BMW’s latest electric models, featuring 19-inch aerodynamic wheels similar to those found on the i4.

Of course, this is simply a design exercise and without knowing the full details, it’s nearly impossible to predict the final version. But nonetheless, some elements from the i Vision Dee, or at least the proportions, will end up in a production version. One thing is certain though: The Neue Klasse family of cars will deviate from typical BMW designs and will be some of the most technological advanced products ever made by the Bavarians.

The Neue Klasse Will Be a Technological Breakthrough

When we spoke with BMW’s Chief Technical Officer Frank Weber at CES, he told us Neue Klasse models won’t share any components with existing models. The company’s CTO also emphasized the importance of this completely new architecture. Without specifying development costs, he referred to NK as being the “most expensive project in BMW history” and that “everything is new.” Although Frank Weber didn’t go into details about the expenditures related to the Neue Klasse, we do know BMW will be investing more than €2 billion at the manufacturing facility in Debrecen. The Hungarian plant plans to kick off the assembly of NK-based cars and associated batteries by the end of 2025.

The first Neue Klasse models to arrive in 2025-2026 are a 3 Series electric (likely to be called i3) and the new iX3 electric SAV. Stay tuned for more news this September from IAA Munich!

[Renderings: @futurecarsnow]