Tom Cruise is known for doing his own stunts in the action-packed movies he’s starring and the upcoming title in the Mission Impossible franchise won’t be an exception. In a new behind-the-scenes video released today by Paramount Pictures, we get an idea of what it takes to tackle the streets of Rome in a doorless BMW M5 F90. Make that two sedans since eagle-eyed readers will notice there’s a pre-LCI car and another one with the facelift applied.

Because Ethan Hunt, played by the talented 60-year-old actor, always seems to get himself in a predicament, he must drive the Bavarian super sedan one-handed. Why? He’s handcuffed to Hayley Atwell throughout the chase. Driving and drifting while using just one hand on the narrow streets of Italy makes for an exciting part of the movie, which continues with the two protagonists switching cars by jumping into a classic Fiat 500.


The M5 is far from being the first BMW to be featured in a Mission Impossible movie as there have been plenty of other cars with the famous roundel before Dead Reckoning. As a matter of fact, another F90 starred in Fallout (2018), the previous installment in the franchise. Several other models appeared in that movie, including an E28 5 Series and a previous-generation 7 Series. The latest preview of the movie’s first part also shows an assortment of Italian police cars from Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

BMW has been a partner of the popular film series since 2011 and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. The next movie will be out on June 14 while Dead Reckoning: Part Two is scheduled to be released on June 28, 2024. Here’s hoping the sequel will include the M2 G87 and/or the M3 Touring as the next-generation M5 G90 won’t be out until later that year.

Source: Paramount Pictures / YouTube